Right I should have just been like I would have said I was going to the parade and then I would have just stayed here they’re not marked I told they don’t have to anyways cuz he won’t I’m I basement remodeling Milwaukee guess I’m getting paid right I am getting paste.  there was Baby Cow Break It Up tell Joe that I could have left and just said I was going to the parade we’ll get 50 like I get 4 done tomorrow I got to get I’ll get them done I have three left today and for tomorrow what happened to your 50 Kyle I will be up when I get a bonus this.  I like that we want these he went because he fight once he heard that he could just go home after voice there’s really no other time looking at that I don’t even make it really a smaller room either wanted you could like leave a little. unfinished base and some of the spot but I look here and you’re drawn up a whole new yeah this one I had to set up to the stages teacher Sarah told me that was when I called her and asked her if she set me up were you here when I did that.

Intimidated never to be seen again we were just there back maybe scared I think it’s scared are male bravado 30 I know but she wants to Black off all of her appliances and everything like that so it’s like a play area for the kids and then we’re carpet weird there’s a key on the left side right World Market baby you say he knows basement remodeling Milwaukee she won’t be able to do it yeah I wouldn’t really who’s got more respect marker rated not Ramon what about Raiden where is rated on your list. There we go and the field neither do I add soap and water rated I don’t know Jose kind of no Raiden but I would choose was a.  did I really did I did really Matt mess like have a concussion last Friday I kind of didn’t with Mauricio when I said so essentially it was going to me and then rating Bond and then  so essentially it was going to me and then red and volunteered and Mauricio did they both I I was a and outside send it to between I Joe and Sarah and Joe and Sarah and Mark would be more comfortable I’ll be came because you at I said I thought you like yeah yeah that’s what I did I say you can go.  I was not sitting in the car basement remodeling Milwaukee with that dude go to Mequon there was no chance yeah resume rips that thing man resume Rachel drive it and drive it he dropped his own butt Pediatric.

I I pay don’t worry you like Joe and Sarah which realistically they they probably do prefer Mauricio to do these things overrated right assistant.  nevermind Yeah cuz I kind of have to like stop working to not train but talk to these guys and I can see that getting annoying now especially cuz we do it so often but once you have a good team I mean Joel isn’t as like get the shy yeah he’s like when I was first when I was doing it but indeed stuff we have a gallon baby I mean we would have like we would only have like three interviews we could do a job channel that wasn’t that many I think the only one that ever actually worked out with Mauricio that’s why I should interview he went through the basement remodeling Milwaukee whole long process I’m getting hired them right away.

Apparently if that’s what we’re doing now but. Warren and Brandon were friends and they still got things done but I know words like Justin and Brandon they were friends and they work just fine together right what they showed up and they got stuff done.  Target knowing you’re not there I mean I’m really know unless you’re on the job site them to yourself if you know like make sure it’s unrealistic Desi’s guys not to talk and whatever and just work or like not never to be on your phone things like that.  who’s that guy it wasn’t Jose Jose was the guy that Sarah one of the higher right right now add Avion parking for Paul Davis now.  I word Brandon works probably clear really thinking about doing another stimulus what’s insane basement remodeling Milwaukee so we just shared something they said we do not need a 4 stimulus payout go find a job the other places are hiring their hiring signs everywhere see cousin they all got stimulus checks and not one of them another 2.2 million stimulus checks did I get it then I’ll be okay with it these payments started going out in March 00 when the American Rescue plan Act was signed All I think I got some in the mail about that 1400 per person go basement remodeling Milwaukee ahead oh for people that who’s getting it.

Clear cupcake would you like that yellow Sprite taste like I was like where’s the Bucks part of this the cream thing I think is a good idea Tony eavers has declared today bucks in 6 day stop they have a Tiramisu flavored ice cream a lot of good stuff how to say better or they say I like a cashew creation so they called the cops cashews and it’s really if you like cashews yeah you probably like it then how do you say cashew custard dish is almost taste like butter pecan type yeah yeah you would like all that. Basement remodeling Milwaukee yeah I think. it’s huge. Boo my brother and the ice cream flavors that he liked as he was growing up which would be kind of crazy town. Call us today if you have any questions.