All right so we are on the last one out of these teams I think I owe end of Royals that are not great either. Paste check there we go all right so the Royals do have some good players in their system I’m going to look up the Royals top prospects and see where at I wonder who that is coming up the door basement remodeling Milwaukee. you see what text yeah I called she’s like just some cuz I just want a little bit of drywall on you know the walls and then from the ceiling and then I looked where she was she was on like 80th and Good Hope North 80th and yeah it’s like it’s not horrible but it was like when Sarah looks like it has low income so it’s not like the worst area but for some drywall probably not oh I figured you want to know I didn’t know when you were coming back all right.

What’s going on I wanted you to know that I was on it that you text me I wanted you to know that I was on it.  my phone pulls emails when I open up the email app oh I see what you mean yeah I mean you do get a lot better luck of people answering if you called right when they email so.  basement remodeling Milwaukee this is the last one I’m going to be doing there are some things that I need to be on a focus on I am so thirsty. we are here and we will be doing this and then this see her at like if we like the Royals top prospects Bobby Witt Jr is a huge one I know that he’s kind of like a really prized possession in that system has been pretty good so go back to the Orioles go Bo yell at set up the MLB postseason droughts who’s been everybody knows the last World Series appearance for the Pirates Never 1 1 stop longest World Series I don’t know what these are TV the Mariners have never won the pennant so that’s not great the Pirates all those lessons on the pendant okay I want to know what’s going on there next tenants on if you’ve never 1 1 yikes that’s not great on the field championship appearance the other Pirates have been just realistically one of the worst leave division champion girls the Rockies have never won their division the Marlins have never won their division and the Pirates are still bad man the Pirates are so bad.

They basement remodeling Milwaukee there we go what see what else we have there the Mariners last division championship we look at the Mariners All Seasons grocery oh yeah the Mariners by far they have not made the postseason then there’s the Tigers I know the day I guess the Orioles the other mirrors are kind of the team to look at that’s the tea that I’m interested in going to go to the Mariners top prospects I just want to see what they have on my know that they have you know Jerry Clinic which I mean we see him in the league I don’t really think he’s that great of a prospect and I guess it just because he’s not hitting that great in the majors I’m through his career delete some pretty good I know he’s from I’m see where you from I think used from the basement remodeling Milwaukee from Wisconsin but series from Clinic. See  if we he is from with these border Milwaukee so good for him I wonder where he went to school you know what we’re going to go down the rabbit hole cuz he’s probably my age do I think he’s a little bit younger 21:23 so as a senior you have been a sophomore here’s is Wikipedia Waukesha West okay end BP what’s the West time I think Waukesha West also had man they probably all that Joe Schubert who was he who played middle linebacker for the are you still playing linebacker paste align back or so good for him off Aaliyah Rodriguez is also a top prospect for them.  he’s definitely a guy that might be even more exciting the bigger contact header he’s got a lot of power so he’s not feel they’re in high 80 Logan Gilbert he’s ready to go on this year and like I said he hasn’t been doing great but he has been doing bad basement remodeling Milwaukee

George Kirby is a relief pitcher who’s playing at Lee well this year in the I think he’s kind of just there for Speed if you’re struggling to produce any type of you no good Mariners 2021 stats I don’t even know like where you would go from with this team, I think you do it wrong Kyle Lewis Kyle Lewis and JP basement remodeling Milwaukee Crawford will be your guys there’s not really much you can do about timer for you it’s not a guy that I would want in my line up every day 11 weight I think is a yeah he was a big Prospect who you want to go club last year parently he didn’t really hit well but he is a gold Glover so you build your own Evan White you build around I don’t think you build your own Dylan Moore I guess you could but it’s nothing that exciting about him he’s just kind of a utility.

Basement remodeling Milwaukee see Crawford was the eagle Glover I like JB Crawford and then there is also see Sam hearty don’t know much about him but there’s nothing nothing really going on there title Sears a guy that can help at home runs we see this week on falling off a little bit as he’s getting older is it all started go Glover Oregon. I’m outside with Ty France Taylor tramel Clinic yeah there’s really not much that pitching wise you know they do have like Justus Sheffield who is supposed to be like some big Prospect he’s averaged though he’s not doing great a lot of Yankees fans are really excited about him I don’t know much about what’s going on with him I think he was traded in the I forget when he was traded but see where he’s at other than that that’s about it.