Okay sounds good I’m to try and get this one done quick just because then I’ll be done with my answer yours for the day and I like have all the ones written that I want to be right basement remodeling Milwaukee. And then I get to start calling me letters I think. Maybe call came after this. I know they’re asking if I just started and I think it’s a little bit farther away so I think if I can get this one typed up and written that I’ll be good to go. And then I’ll be able to give her a call see what she’s thinking. Go through a few things. I really go to the to set up the Everly go to design I love designing things but for the enjoy to die. Actually always wanted to become an Interior Designer but it’s just like a lot of the times you can’t make a living off of at least a kind of design that I would like to do. And like I do like doing the kitchens in the bathrooms but I feel like doing like the Living Spaces basement remodeling Milwaukee.

Because I feel like an order to have like a really flick healthy function of lifestyle that you need to have a comfortable like living space. And I think that’s why I’m so like torn over at like getting more stuff to decorate your living room was just cuz I want to feel like home when I want it to be cool with you. I feel like we’re really missing that cozy homey feeling. I really want to get I was printing out some pictures of like my family so I I get those kind of like hung up in the apartment places. Just because like having that all might really make things feel a lot more like it’s at home. There were a couple pictures that I didn’t print off that I really want to get printed. But I need to find server and I have one I just don’t know where it is. But I want to like put out the family picture that my family took a couple years ago with our old dog Daisy and I really should Piper off of Mason family just a little like everybody’s kind of being represented in the house or the apartment. But I’m really excited for Morgan and I to have our pictures taken because then I might get like a big one of it just because I don’t like that I’m going to hang it in the apartment like Mason could have joined us for that but he just as choosing a child out of it. Which is totally completely fine but then I don’t want him to be like mad when I like 15 is all I really hope that he comes with at least four when I get them maybe sneak some for like a photo basement remodeling Milwaukee.

And I know he thinks it’s like extra one of everything you want to send it like a Christmas card like friends and family just because I can I like this is like my first year being like an actual adult my kind of like want to just like I don’t know being adults I guess I don’t want to feel like a child anymore. And I know a lot of people do like Christmas card especially when they don’t see people as often. So I really want to send at least like my grandparents one and if my grandparents my grandpa’s late brother’s like his wife 1 and like I said people have family that we don’t get to see all that often. 9 all their family I met since I probably won’t get to see him a lot and so just having that picture like and I feel like it’s really nice to like show people like whole like I don’t know it’s like they know who I am or I don’t know if you put some help I don’t know that we have a dog and that kind of thing I guess is what’s running through my head. But I have a real craving for something sugary so I’m going to grab a cookie basement remodeling Milwaukee.

Ryan was going to be able to drop off yesterday and I mean nobody thought about it but like a lot of realtors that don’t have like electricity right now so they were all out of the office until he got these cookies delivered to all First Weber and they were gone obviously. So now we’re just in the office. And they’re still good. Anything sweet without frosting is literally like my favorite snack in the whole entire world. Diversion beginning this right now to do that I’m going to the fair later and meet you in so many like bad food but that’s fine I’ll just make sure to go to the gym or something tomorrow I was going to the gym today when I got back from work Bob I don’t know if that’s going to happen or not I have found the past two days and I do like going to the gym is just finding time that sometimes got hard so just cuz I like to do about other things like when my friends and I do like to prioritize basement remodeling Milwaukee.

I should get better about waking up and getting out of bed early once I get out of bed that I’m fine it’s just like initially making that first like movement to get out of bed that sometimes a little bit more difficult than I would like it to be. I like being off early I like kind of like just relaxing and hanging out with Marvin usually get up around 5 or text me a little bit to get ready title longer than it needs to be I just need to like it better if I like being fast with like my makeup and stuff stop once I feel like I get that’ll be fine basement remodeling Milwaukee.