Okay so I just fielded a call and I called the person and I looked up their area didn’t seem like the best area I I’m trying to see where everything is I said North 80th and Good hope I’m not too sure where that would be but I don’t they always want me to buy iCloud storage I’m not doing that I’m so he’s come to the conclusion that the Tigers have been the worst team in the league with past 5 years so if we go to Tigers top prospects and see what they have going for him probably not much basement remodeling Milwaukee.

Can we have see the number one Prospect is Spencer Torkelson you was the first overall pick last year that third baseman such first basement he’s supposed to just have a ton of power I guess we’ll see if that’s really the case look at this year so far in high a volunteer a few home runs and striking out quite a bit but I mean his average is looking pretty good in his last 10 games of beating up so maybe the first part of the year just struggling a little bit on Bailey green is also guy in their system he is a 20 year old Lefty on music Big pick in their let’s see in the first round in 2019 so this year and day a basement remodeling Milwaukee trip to 76 he’s got some power and get some speed, just an all-around good players by just hammering through the minor league system right now we look at what players are saying about him and it explodes if you can definitely become a very good player Matt Manning is also a ray in a picture in their system use a high pick in order that say 2016 is struggling this year in Triple-A but before then he’s been a very good picture so I’m not a big strike okay but he can get guys out so Isaac / 80 is a third baseman I seen things about him last year she could play a little bit in the league but he had to 20 this year in AAA is hitting pretty well I’m pretty good power hitter for third base but nothing crazy Dillon dingler.

I don’t know much about him he is a guy in high 87 to 80 I don’t know basement remodeling Milwaukee where at listen to 80 see to it he’s got six home runs his supposed to be power hitting catcher around pick last year so good for him to Daniel Cabrera as a lefty he was a pretty far-out traffic but he’s been playing really well in high table see something crazy their dad’s Cameron that looks like he has played on me to do great but you don’t 4 average and speed he’s got it so Parker Meadows don’t know what about him he’s not doing that great it doesn’t look like they have that many great prospects I don’t know if people are like already on the team but I’m in a big guys I guess artwork listening 30 International prospects is that for the I know what that’s for 2021 Tiger stats and see where people are at I know I know basement remodeling Milwaukee.

I know that is something that Wilson Ramos don’t care about him he’s not that great who’s this guy Jose urania of course he’s on the team of course he is I like was a rear and I don’t put picture pretty good this year as opposed to what he used to have been doing if we look at urania is it was an All-Star know what from 2017 to 2018 it was the Marlins number one.  if we look at the you said he pretty you said he pretty well cast leave see I are free on Miguel come Cube but on my he start people are you the first overall pick in the 2018 draft.  see there’s Tarik skubal I don’t really know much by his name but got a lot of losses this year and Matthew Boyd I’m still another guy that’s nothing special Center turn bullet is said Mommy’s going to pitch better 3 + 17 + 20 what was that 3 + 17 + 28 19 so I’m stuck at the Bullpen by Gregory Soto don’t know much about him but then there’s Derek Holland so they are just kind of really not much to be that excited about if I were them I’d just start you know putting in the guys that on the morrow Mazzaro’s kind of fun to watch but he’s not going to be that great where is he from from the Dominican Republic that’s exciting basement remodeling Milwaukee.

And then we also have let’s see the Kill by do we link 22 is leading the league in triples he’s got some speed he’s got kind of everything going for him but let’s look at the Orioles top prospects who has found success longer the MLB team all time record see where basement remodeling milwaukee we’re at here account see there it is on the field between the Tigers and the naturally the Orioles have lost more I was getting the same time huh see we’re at here in 1901 see the Orioles have less wins than the Tigers and more losses where’s 1% so historically they’ve been worse recently let’s see in the postseason they have he was at the least the Orioles have definitely had a lot less than b I don’t know where the tigers are fearless total games the Orioles I’ve been pretty good in the postseason the tigers by better the Orioles are fourth all-time winning percentage in the playoffs so they just leave in a little bit total games I don’t know like I said I think the Orioles have more than the Tigers nope I’m wrong tigers have more games authors that so historically the Orioles have always been worse when it’s exciting basement remodeling Milwaukee.  I’m there yeah you can have a good one all right here’s some postseason streaks. Give us a call today!