Welcome aboard and seeing fantastic afternoon on this wonderful Friday evening well I guess not eating but afternoon it you do here at basement remodeling Milwaukee there’s a lot going on drop day is today and where have a lot that’s going to be happening in a couple weeks. Today was quite a little bit hectic this morning but you know we did work through it and make sure that all of our clients were taken care of but everything got resolved but it doesn’t happen often but it does have ever happened in a once in a blue moon. you know you’re a busy woman Vol walk with you make sure and reassure clients you know through stuff that has happened you know Lily and we do take care of it there’s nothing to be stressing about we take care of all the problems that arise you just give us time instead of stressing out freaking out a little bit and going off on people just relax take a step back and see what we can do to help you don’t want to start I basement remodeling milwaukee will you do this daily you know projects happen have this unfortunates every now and then we’re something new appears that we don’t anticipate and you know that’s becomes from looking at the basement or the kitchen from the bathrooms that we look at you know we can’t see what’s behind the walls until we open them up but you know we’re not going to discuss the issue that we’ve had over the course of the day but you know they said they’d been resolved and basement remodeling milwaukee we were moving on from them.

We are going to be talking about this space and I take that too but everyone know because there’s only so much we can do with the space that we can work with you know do you want to do all the fancy stuff but you know you have the space to do it and unfortunately that’s just how it is in some basements and some bathrooms and kitchens you know you can do so basement remodeling milwaukee much with the SpaceX given and we do have to abide by all the codes here at basement real and Joaquin are would you work really well with the space that we get but there’s a lot that people need to understand and that’s what we’re going to discuss it over today.

So give me some rivali Milwaukee cordless show you all the different ideas and you can accompany in company with you in the space that you have to like I said that it does come down to the fact that you might not have that much space we might not be able to do with a lot and you know just because you do have a small space does it mean that the costs can be down either with small spaces there’s also comes ties where there’s a lot of stuff has not done properly as well as things need to be updated which always dries up the cost people to understand that he wrecked basement remodeling Milwaukee that a lot of the cost is from updating making sure that all the electrical HVAC and plumbing is up-to-date and make sure they’re passing codes because that’s what’s really the most expensive Parts all the projects are those about see there’s some other things that are pretty expensive data to cost but these are just some of the things that people don’t realize when you don’t hear a basement remodeling walkthrough you make you aware of the different ideas of different choices you have to make to help you create the best base possible you know if you look at our website hear Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee you see that we have made this amazing bar And as far as a tremendous amount of space as basement was really big and we minimize the space but we made a nice little movie area a pool table area as well the back down there and a bar and the bartender.

Fantastic and amazing has his nice beautiful stacked stone and a stack stone on the face of the bar as well so you can see that all the uniqueness that it brings out that we can help break out and you guys and show you that your basement be different from everyone else’s regardless of the size that you have down there I will see you in about saying that there’s a lot of things are going to the projects but you know most times there are a lot of you think this because each family is different in each family bring as a different style to their home and you know you might like someone else’s style but you always make it your own Styles and that’s what really is important is felt creating a sense of style for your own space that you have in this beautiful body of yours. You know basement remodeling walk to be going to a lot of different homes each and every day and we see many different projects and and we talked about many different projects and it all comes down to the idea of what style do you want to take and then make it your own.

You know there’s many different things you can do out there that would make you stand out from the other families that are around you from your neighbors and friends and they’re going to want to look at and come over to your house because of that you know it’s just a nice area to be around. But you don’t hear basement remodeling walk will you got free free estimates and we make sure we help you guys decide what it can work and what cannot work down there whether it’s from one base to a bathroom or even a kitchen we do it all we make sure that we give our opinions and what you can do with these projects and see what you can do and have a great overall experience with us here basement remodeling Milwaukee.