Testing testing testing perfect. Already so earlier today we did an orientation. On the first time that I kind of like love the orientation. They went pretty good I definitely that there were some things that I can work on. Different compared to most. I think the most organizations to go to like the deathly don’t have the end of the questions that they had today. I mean the client have I got a question which I definitely think was great because I mean it’s over there like a project. It shows that they are there thinking about it like keeping in mind basement remodeling Milwaukee. They also are kind of like they want to make sure that they know everything. I think that because they’re staying so I had and on top of the game I think that like it all the offer longer. I think maybe then we won’t get as many phone calls to the office I definitely am not mad about getting a phone call to the office obviously they’re going to happy to talk to anybody end of the half. Yeah so I thought it went really good I really like the couple of your talking to. I think that their project cool project by the end of it all and I’m really excited to see what the final outcome of it all looks like. I think there was something I was going along like I have was like practicing over the weekend basement remodeling Milwaukee.

The mail like a packet of information that we provide and they kind of all over for them. Just like him a little bit of a out of the house things are going to go down. Stay out of the game this is like X Y and Z all this is if you need to contact those are good and Communications with us this is the number you should call it anything I think it was really cool that we were able to sit down with them and leave them about it. Now they make a 30 questions they had for us. But I was so nervous about it. Call if you have questions regarding basement remodeling Milwaukee services.

Until I give him whenever I was in the car I was going to talk to myself when I do go over it like how I think that’s how I would. I’m so used to doing these articles a like he’s a co-host that I would like start out by saying like a sentence like for example a beautiful hello my name is Mackenzie like one of the people that you talk to on the phone about the basic Builders. I think I was literally say the word. Because like I’m so used to saying that like with my articles and I was like oh my goodness I went to prison because I really hope I’m not like saying like hello my name is Mackenzie. And I really am happy that you like to join us. Like I really hope I know it’s going to sound stupid. But like I really definitely think that I’ve worked out pretty good and it was nice that like they were so I can gauge in the conversation that went really well I think. I might have taken one thing that I need to work on for going further just getting more familiar with the material. The guy obviously know a lot of the answers to their questions but there’s some stuff that like I probably wasn’t going to be a hundred percent confident answering but yeah. So yes I think Justin has a game is definitely really important when you’re doing a renovation basement remodeling Milwaukee.

I think I’m one of the things that science can do to stay ahead of the game is just like a person like the loop like if you have questions feel free to give us a call just let us know like if you ask us if you’re going to give me answer faster than if you were totally into sauce next a person or something like that. I think that’s one of the things that they can do to stay ahead of the game I think another thing that they can do to stay ahead of the game was just making sure that you’re it stay up-to-date on the and if you’re looking at the agenda see what materials you need to have picked out by what date. Cuz I mean a lot of the time like we don’t have dates right now for everything on the agenda right now. But like there’s definitely a lot of dates and a lot of the dates are definitely like farther out but I mean I think you like if you were to stay out of it now and get a lot of stuff picked out now it definitely you like make the process a lot faster in the future. I definitely think that that’s super smart just stay on top of things. And like there’s a lot of Link provided for them until like cut through and do their hair like shopping on there obviously basement remodeling Milwaukee.

Ijust noticed that too today is that not been there that is new I was going to say cuz today when I was going to the bathroom I saw it and I was like oh cheese like I’m obviously not observant. but I mean that might because of the video that Sarah got I don’t. I I so I got some really good fruit at Aldi this week but we went through really fast on so I went back on I believe it was Saturday to get more just because it was like really good quality fruit for a good price. It is really only have two containers of strawberries left so we just got them both. And they are not as good as the other containers we have. Like I really need to go to Costco to keep pushing it off and I just want to get there fruit basement remodeling Milwaukee.