Okay good so we can go back to what we are looking at with the basketball scores because we’re onto field-goal attempts and Nikola vucevic was number one up there he wasn’t all of yours is kind of funny to see on 4 Chicago you was not as good as he was for Orlando but toggle player none the last just the last one of a Dying Breed typing player so you do it is what it is there is not a great the funnier when he can score is it that you don’t post guy I did take him till about what 2014 to be really good and I started in Philadelphia and so Basement remodeling Milwaukee let’s go to 3.2 go to Steph Curry obviously winds at buddy hield looks like you did a good year when it comes to shooting the three ball we only missed one game this year he shot 39% from the field and 16 points per game 3 it says four rebounds as pretty on par with lipidic yield does music guy that I mean to shoot almost 40% on the second most makes in the league is free.

Basement remodeling Milwaukee Duncan Robinson was fourth actually in that guy shot at 40% which yeah he can shoot the 3 that is something that that guy will always I feel like we’ll be able to do I need to make a baby weigh at 24 see what how old buddy hield is he also made his debut at 24 after he lied about his age and Terry Rozier had a pretty good year show in the from the 3 30% you did every 20 points for Yvonne’s forces and you know 1.3 steel so you know he’s kind of the guy that they expected that they were going to get since he came over he’s been you know what see in the last 2 years rows ears play 932 games is 42% from the field and 39% from 3 closer to 40 sorry I to take a drink of water.  basement remodeling Milwaukee get 19.3 points per game in last 2 years 4 assist 4 rebounds see also got it has to be with 21 but he is now call Joy Harris I know yet what we ate he did lead the league in 3-point percentage at 47.5 he had to 6 most in the league so that’s pretty unfair fact that he gets to do that he’s from Virginia, he wasn’t Virginia see if he was like a borderline first-round pick look up Joe Harris’s Virginia stats will see what they are you have urged what bold he was always a good shooter in Virginia never dipped below 38% from 3 mm redo it every time we 12 points per game I guess.

But I really don’t use this of shooter coming out of college I guess ACC tournament ibp two-time all-acc into 2014 all ACC tournament so good for him do we have anybody on the attempts that was not in made field goals Clarkson was there Hardway Luca Devonte Graham bold you barely made it in there to be like Fred dambly up that is definitely a guy that’s up there on the Temps Coby white it was up there too X Justin holiday the one with more attempts was Fred Van Vleet so let’s see what he was at yeah he shot a lot of 3 in

California when you are the top 20 the league in attempts but you’re not even there when it comes to 10 illegal on do you shut about light it to 37 by 38 per cent from 3 per his best years of row this year which is good for him a lot of people I think it’s free agent so a lot of people are going to be seeing what’s going on with Lonzo he still is only twenty-three I will return 24 next to you but still a young  Basement remodeling Milwaukee  Prospect oh yeah and he had words with their is he was the worst 3-point shooter this year the score about the points in end up looking that bad but at the end of the day it’s not good when you talk to him and you not talk to him makes a Coby white was another guy up there I think Justin holiday guy that just 35% I didn’t start scoring some more points this year it’s still just interesting to see how people are going to Value him as a shooter are you still pretty young he just turned white that says you just turned 21 .

Basement remodeling Milwaukee, comes to fugles miss Dame Lillard missed the most free throws Trae young hit the most Joel embiid looks like he’s a really good free throw shooter the end Beach free throws 85% so it gets all the lot all Julius Randle LED minutes per game by a lot the fall Dillon Brooks Lively in personal fouls Rita score he’s just not that great idea fence we had when we were awarded worrying about was offensive rating OK Google box does not count even though I’ll pencil you was very efficient so I guess we can give them that 9.7 rebounds Off the Bench so not bad numbers for a guy like that he’s only twenty-three I was that just turned 20 44 in 1 day before me all except for one year before me to there was another guy that guy he will always be your Bridges is the only guard I see up there you did shoot 43% from the field from the three very good shooter he’s from what Villanova nearest 13.5 points per game this year than gobert are these guys make sense because the defense Rudy gobert just barely makes it out there even underline is the well he must not a qualified to be that good but he is just like a defensive you know that’s always there for usage done just won by a lot.  Bob IMBD honest. To end rebound percentage like a fellow might be the best rebounder in the league we just don’t really think about it like that a lot of blocks on a rebound so I can always have always will maybe that much, Maybe I I just said it basement remodeling Milwaukee thank you.