Okay but I want to try to get more of these done but I’m also trying to figure out a couple of things right now what it cost for a reason is but now I have to tell one of our clients they picked out this amazing vanity basement remodeling Milwaukee. It says gorgeous like here Black Vanity with a gold accent. Like the legs on the vanity or golden as well as like the hardware and the bottom drawer it’s golden and it just looks like a magnificent vanity but now we’re finding out that they can’t get it for 4 months. Which is it kind of issue because usually talk last week I should probably within three or four months if we don’t usually typical it for some back I must be something that’s out of our control which this is obviously within our control. And I don’t know like I know personally me I would be fine waiting for something like that just because like once I have something on my mind and how I want something a little go check it out of my mind and I definitely don’t think I would want to compromise on something else just because of time frames. And the thing is I could get it if you want to get it done on time but we also want to have like happy client. I’m really worried that I called her she’s going to stay there go my friend waiting basement remodeling Milwaukee.

Because I know I would be fine waiting I mean it’s a base a bathroom that like it’s like something that’s like in dire need of attention and I mean like 4 months it sounds like a long time but sometimes stuff comes in early and sometimes so I don’t know who you will see I’m going to give her a call in a little bit see what she’s thinking. But my hope she’s not like upset about it just get it sound like it’s something that like I’m purposely doing or trying to listen to go out all down at all and don’t know we shall see. We have another option for her but the thing is exception is that even similar to the one that we were to have her. So I feel like we should go back in the cooler and ask what they are leave me I’ll just find somewhere to that. Set color stain finishes anything like tha. basement remodeling Milwaukee.

But we’re going to give her like a white or brown option so I don’t know I don’t know how I would respond to it and but that doesn’t mean everybody to respond stuff like the way I respond obviously. Just because I like things a certain way I’ve always done this way and I’m well aware of it and I definitely find waiting for something I want is because I know that it all you know that I’ll be pleasing to look the way I want it to work I guess. So I’m not sure if that’s all she’s going to feel or if she’s just going to be okay with it I don’t really know what they say the compressor would say that they don’t want to order stuff from but like I found options that are kind of similar I don’t I don’t know I mean I definitely like the idea Black Vanity with gold fixtures and everything like the light fixture that you found is like amazing so I mean I would hate for her to look at delete completely scratch that idea just because I don’t know but like we could like Pottery Barn somebody nice like black and beige. I get it basement remodeling Milwaukee.

But I also do know that Pottery Barn’s kind of right behind on stuff so and that’s not make something that like we have like a connection with their so I don’t know what like there’s this one that it comes in black and obviously we can put our own Hardware on there so I mean we could change the hardware and gold as well as like the faucet I don’t think that we can control the countertop which I don’t I don’t know what kind of color. She wants. The one in the picture I’ve never met any of our clients everything to that dude is just or I’ll actually I’ve been training and I meant brush basement remodeling Milwaukee. But if I find them just because I can’t wait to the orientation so I have a box of them on my here she’s very like powerful well and I guess until I don’t think you mean to come across like that I think I just like when you have the level of Chiapas she does that’s just kind of like what you’re used to important your work place of work so I mean to just kind of like transitions over into everyday life I’m assuming as well. But I don’t know I’m kind of not sure how this is going to go definitely it’s such an odd scenario.

 I don’t know I wish I could it wouldn’t have shown us options they’re that far out I guess because like I mean obviously we want to come in quick just because then we can finish the project sooner. But I feel like if she were to choose to delay the project that’s on her not really on us and I don’t know how that work for the affect us at all. And I also don’t know like why just the vanity of the guy we can finish our friendship that we can finish literally the lady we can put everything in there and I think the vanity just something that we just have to kind of install and then kind of pulling to the right at the same time that’s why I’m not on the work sites because I don’t know how that’s of course. And so this is kind of Paris basement remodeling Milwaukee.