Basement Remodeling Milwaukee | Energy Efficiency Increases?

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Good morning thank you for stopping and it’s been a great day here at Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee this morning isn’t little what the weather it’s terrible out there it’s disgusting it is cold it is raining it is caca but here a back-to-basics Brothers We are continuing with remodeling projects we are awake we are ready to function we are excited for what today brings we are finishing up a few inspections today and we look forward to moving ahead with some photography and we are excited 2 go ahead and finish up these projects is what we’re excited to Joe and Rex I just start new projects this season as I’ve mentioned yesterday there’s so many new projects He Right Back to Basics Builders base remodeling Milwaukee that we just look forward to these things yesterday I got a story to say to tell that Back to Basics Brothers I was working all day and I was on the phone for a couple hours and then I was going to head home and take care of my love guy especially he needs a lot of extra lives but when I got home I was told that my husband went to go get the Sandpaper by the sitter she she told me that I send I said okay well turns out that that sandpaper run took about an hour and a half and when we went upstairs to get into the kitchen the kitchen door was barricaded and I was very frustrated because I feel that my kids need to eat dinner on time and they need to have a bedtime routine and things are slow better when your kids are not starving and busy because you’re starving and you’ve been waiting and you don’t know what’s going on because your kitchen is barricaded well once we got into the kitchen there was continued sanding and with the continued standing there was loud noise there was a vacuum running my child did not nap my youngest as she was screaming Non-Stop and then another guy needed food or he was going to die that’s how he felt so I packed up the kids and we went for a ride in the van and then I thought that Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee The Next Step what is after the sanding and the stripping and the sanding and the sanding and the sanding and I’m excited to stain and I had a discussion when I return to home with my husband and I said suck for is dinner please please do not move forward with any other project after 4 p.m. pain while sitting in the van It Back to Basics Brothers was eating a chicken nugget and I thought about unicorns and rainbows and I learned through Google and Facebook and social media Terrence unicorn stained exist however I’m not a fan of the process of staining unicorn stained after watching YouTube several times I feel like it’s just too much fun it made me think do I want color on my cabinets I think I’m ready or color on my cabinets at Back to Basics Brothers basement remodeling Milwaukee and we definitely encourage individuality and we encourage culture and we encourage self identity and we encourage individualism we encourage making your space personalized and with that being said I am really considering a new color cabinet and I can’t wait I am so excited to go and explore some colors at the store then I thought holy cows who is going to buy a cabinet or at home with colored cabinets especially stained I understand pain cuz I can you can strip and you can re stain and repaint and things like that but who on Earth I’m sure you can paint over the stain but I am a bit sad but excited about possibly changing the color of the cabinets but I said all this because at back-to-basics Brothers we came up against a few changes given the societal changes and the government changes and our orders and referendums and affidavits and all these different legal terms and what they do and how they affect us and there’s actually things put in place so that you have to ask for plastic straws nowadays isn’t that sad Sia well a back-to-basics Brothers basement remodeling Milwaukee and we have put in place dance to this we want families to feel safe and we want our employees to feel safe and that is why we move forward with putting rules in place and sometimes these rules are encouraged by our customers and it is our job to guarantee the safety of both family and employees so we had a few discussions yesterday with different customers and different staff and different friends and family and it was just in the air something was in the air and we talked about what are some steps that businesses are taking to keep both customer and employees and we came to grips with adding guidelines and not that we haven’t encouraged them but a lot of customers prefer to have their own guidelines and their homes and there’s something that I encouraged yesterday with different families that we work with because we cannot work in your home unless you feel safe us knocking on your door is going to feel like a burden is going to add a stressor it’s going to be a negative and it’s not something you’re going to want to look forward to so we asked families that we work was as individuals what skyline’s have you put in place for your family what would you like for us to do for you to keep everybody safe and It Back to Basics Brothers basement remodeling Milwaukee guidelines for individual families and these guidelines are not necessarily mean suggested by law however they have been previously discussed they have been encouraged in the past and it was always in the comfort of our employees and now that we have and our customers have a voice in this change in the end they were asked about it you know what would you do would you prefer how can we make you feel more comfortable and safe and what are some things that you would like us to do some extra stops and it was nice connecting with customers at Back to Basics Builders and let me tell you telling your husband barricade your kitchen door does it make you always feel safe but a bunch of a $6 basement remodeling Milwaukee area know that when you call for your free estimate and move forward with your proposed out of 15% lower rate than any other company in the know that you will be comfortable you will be safe and all of your little quirks little will be appreciated we appreciate families we appreciate the honesty we appreciate the openness and I encourage you to give us a call for an estimate and move forward with your proposal because we truly enjoy the passion working with families and turning their house into a home and appreciating that communication so thank you all for your participation today.