Testing testing hello hello. Okay I’m really trying a couple he’s done pretty quick right now. You said I’m have to go pick up cash from the groomer and then today we want to get going and calling these help contractors get through to 99 to supposed to do basement remodeling Milwaukee. I really want to be able to give you some as well go because I need a pretty important as well. And yes I really wanted at least seven done today hopefully maybe if I really like you. Just because I really want to try and get at least like 8 on Monday through Wednesday because I got to do with me on Thursday and Friday. Because Stephanie has ever done on Thursday and Friday clear to buy closer to the end of the week.

I’m also very excited because I’m proud of my friend Helen is coming from Duluth to visit so I know if you’re free to talk to on Friday night that she’ll be down in Milwaukee that pipe here but I know it’s pretty low on drivers I’m going to send that to be kind of tired after the time she gets here. But I appreciate what you do pretty chilly tonight Friday night. I think her Mason and I are going to go get dinner and then you come back and just going to hang out and chill maybe I can go find something else to do. I don’t know we’ll see what you can all out for him see what you might be a little bit tired basement remodeling Milwaukee. Cuz I’m usually going to lick your click off 6 hours on Friday as well as six hours on Saturday or Sunday me. But I think on Sunday I’m going to drive home with her towards the Madison way because then I think that her and if I want to meet for brunch somewhere not really sure yet where though. I’ll maybe like Cafe Hollander there’s a with a couple of the places we want to try Bath Street brunch club downtown Madison but I don’t know if she want to go that way. But we shall see I know she really likes Downtown Madison so I feel like maybe that’ll be something fun for her to do and I don’t really want to see my mom. None of my mom really wants to hear but I would do after all throughout see if what time or she’ll be home with the next thing he’s going to Green Lake with Mason spirits and all that kind of thing. So pretty exciting stuff though by yourself what you said of her to come visit I haven’t seen her in like almost a year and that’s just like so crazy to think about the fact that I haven’t seen her in to you just because I was so used to seeing her so often basement remodeling Milwaukee.

Like that’s not the case it’s definitely stinks but you know things happen that’s just life. I don’t see his article titled it’s time for you. If I think that when you’re looking to buy a house or remodeling your house still pending at like the value of the home you want to take a look at the stuff around you. For example like restaurant City like her big thing. I’m going to do things I like your to want to be close to leave restaurants Elvis Presley feeling very outgoing kind of extrovert a person. I don’t really like to eat out like go meet people out in like that kind of thing. So it’s pretty important for me to be close to other restaurants basement remodeling Milwaukee.

That is really walkable Bob Cycles of proximity to even just like and walkways like always good but drivable isn’t bad at all. But I’ll make of course I can I live outside of downtown now so I’m not supposed to speak down south which of these is the worst thing but sometimes it says you don’t like my friend select want me to go see them but I don’t say they want to drive all the way downtown to see them. Sometimes I miss out on something just because I don’t live as close to the very back that’s why doesn’t bother me that as much as I thought I would have for sure. But yeah and I think another one that’s really important that you need to take a look at when you’re looking to buy a house over there looking at the value of your home is like are you close to a different Parks. Especially if you got kids who were there to make sure that you’re near the family-friendly things to do weather people works or I don’t know like other things that you would feel like do they color splash pad or pool or something basement remodeling Milwaukee.

I know if I Hometown and of course they’re starting in front of line for splash pads because parents like to take your kids there two co-op in the hot summer days. But I really do think that they’re pretty important for the community and I think that it’s really nice for the families that look close enough. I know that. Everybody list for both of them for example if my parents house they don’t live near one of your one leg for a walk a little distant. There’s one not that far away maybe like a 5 minute drive down the road to the bad at all but you don’t like it Walker. But if there is actually a path along the way there but nobody really wants to walk 45 to an hour minute walk just to get to the splash pad and then I had to walk all the way back. Did you think that when you’re taking a look at my house meet see what you’re like around over that’s what you should be paste by your house off of. And also does value in your home it’s a big factor basement remodeling Milwaukee.