Okay so I’m about to call the day it was just super excited because I don’t get done with these Monday. Which is definitely a big exciting thing. Typically I don’t have to do 7 to book a when we have to do 6 today, thank you basement remodeling Milwaukee. And it’s not like I have 30 a week I just took we try to do that because then I have $50 every week like on top of link my regular paycheck which that different house because I’m going to be starting to get a little definitely go towards underground parking anything. And I mean like who doesn’t I don’t know because like right now looks like there’s a lot of spots open but like I can’t guarantee that they’ll be spots open in the winter going to be when I want it basement remodeling Milwaukee.

You can sign up for the only if you want more parking if you want to tell underground parking clear that you don’t have to have it the way you can like have it for a few months or something kind of thing. But that’s definitely like what I was thinking but then I was like oh I’m sure a lot of people have that I don’t even want to talk about it more page. Somebody just got to get on this truck, Grand Blanc of thing. But definitely don’t remember exactly where so I came up here to see you or anybody else and see if I can get your drinks out that I’m getting one anytime soon I just got like freaking at them to kind of fun to look at it like seeing the different styles. But I really do like to look at the Home Improvement Decor kind of things on Pinterest and even a lot of the times that the most of the stuff is like pretty late.

I was like I’m still trying to find like a different kind of like that’s hard to get for my son that I made him do that as well. Cuz our headboard and like our bedroom is all that goes like dark deep gray totally like the wind it in like break anything. But I might have to get the phone like re not to be sure of it yet a couple I was going to get at Costco after that I might get basement remodeling Milwaukee. And just know but the same time it that way they can maybe that’s what I had to do. Because the one we have now is kind of scratchy and I don’t really like it at all. It’s a duvet and a duvet insert and just super annoying because then like the person doesn’t have any covers and the person who doesn’t have covers is typically so I’m getting really frustrated with the fact that I don’t usually have colors because I have cold and then I get angry and then I’m no fun to talk to the next week because I’m just used to crack my back so and I also feel that out so he knows not to bother me going to call me when he knows that I didn’t get a good night sleep and as of lately I have not been getting any good night’s sleep because our dog keeps waking me up in the middle of the night or like taking me or literally there were so many other reasons why I’m not getting any good sleep but I’ve definitely just have not gotten the sleep that I’ve wanted to Salt Lake basement remodeling Milwaukee.

Last night with Marvin out there I just got was something I could save actually. All right if I stop by the bus I slept in a long time last night just because Marvin wasn’t invited and they couldn’t get smart with me I love the dark and will the dog to death but it’s crazy that kicks me and bites and lets me during middle of the night and that’s just really frustrated because I just got on to stay sleeping through the whole night. But yeah I’m getting kind of like mind coming stop going is going out on all this I’ll give you things I don’t think he’s up to important or useful so if you’re looking for something funny to laugh at because I know this makes sense. Maybe that I would give it a shot but I really don’t want to come over the next 250 words I’m getting really frustrated all you want to do this anymore because if I can get off a little bit and then we have to agree with everything under start a frustrating and annoying basement remodeling Milwaukee.

He ate a BLT sandwiches for lunch I have I have a salami sandwich that I made with tomato onion and lettuce tonight which I definitely like my sandwiches with big lots of veggies if you guys are all ready to go then I mean I feel like I do that you like to take that on a sandwich and if you think that’s because apply heading for the money that you’d understand what you’re 4 like you like Subway or something and she just always the way I get Justified you sandwich because their meat still processing taste so disgusting I talked about you. But I haven’t had anything like that. There’s anyone that open table kind of out of the way so I haven’t actually try that when I get. Buy me some of the legends of the food is pretty good so I got to go check that out one of these days. But at the same time like I was going to drive downtown to to go to a sub shop undo a different sub shops like near me that are probably just got kind of thing. Oh my gosh I 3 words I just want to be done I hope everybody has a great weekend and happy Friday everybody basement remodeling Milwaukee.