All right so I’m going to go something to drink out of the fridge because what times will Thursday have a new by and grab my beat up ice.  all right if we keep looking at these I have to go for the better player Salvador Perez is going to run away with it in dal we’re at Outfield I don’t think there’s any way that you can’t go with cassiano’s caprianos none there’s also a anchor it was two basement remodeling milwaukee should be guaranteed in the Outfield and if we also look at like and grisham’s have a good good year I want to say I should do I think we have to do a Cuneo for the AL or the Outfield Box Tim is going to be in the outfield for me at 3 70 batting average it was Garcia looks like he kind of deserves it we keep looking search Mullins looks like he’s playing really well I think I’m going to go with them my trucks hurt so there’s not much you can do there I think I want to go with interesting all feel that they would go with Cedric Mullins basement remodeling milwaukee Byron Buxton it was Garcia who would have thought those guys were funny all stars going into it and if we go to D H4 the AL yordan Alvarez is looking pretty good kruse’s Ohio PSL song Thursday at and Judy Martinez that’s it that’s the guy purview and submit and see where we’re at here no address we just do this one for none was it March 19th 1998 United States see if I submit my vote I guess we could do a vote again basement remodeling Milwaukee.

I guess we could do see where we can go here huh move again we’ll just keep holding Ariel if we keep going then we could see that I have update Title on my should have time to get everything done today but I can mail it to that lady emails this is where we are here I’m at uBreakiFix and see where see if my see if my review pops up the other one in Google I mean there are a ton of refuse he wasn’t lying casinos on Friday I thought he was lying.  if you look at the end see the rows of the NBA scores yesterday look it up and just look up scores see where we’re at for example the third all those Friday I’m just with the hearts beat the Sixers Sixers actually a pretty good comeback I don’t want to watch this the basement remodeling Milwaukee.  we look the Sixers trade young a good game at 35 points 10 assists John columns with to get a pretty good game in the Sixers are a good team look at the Sixers Tobias Harris played really well column bead just looks like that with the Hawks just got off to a good start they had to 3 early New Orleans big difference be 6 years of left a lot of points at the line what’s the weather going to the line they won the rebounding battle all of her quite a bit 19 times has quite a bit of Falls u.s. Men’s National Team see what the news is twerk Nations League victory go to of winners well.  basement remodeling Milwaukee see what else If we keep going I guess they need to get what 4 Dunford stay so this will be my second and I’ll make some calls and then I will go back to making these and doing what I need to do.

4 at the with link says a bunch of titles that I didn’t even notice for titles I want the thought of them but.  they are where they need to be and look at Lake I can we can just look up the MLB stats again because that’s usually pretty easy Clear Lake Francisco went to war I thought has been heating up for season 18 hit streak on looks like that they can hit streak ended yesterday but definitely starting to heat up a little bit I kind of like to see it we still this one of your players you’ll see Sense on See since May 21st he’s played 15 games he’s in to 79 with a 788 LPS who is the African play better go back last night games at 3:59 so if you’re a Mets fan you have to be excited to see that the same nothing Austin Meadows I know that guy turn it up a basement remodeling Milwaukee.

If we look at what he’s done it looks like he last I don’t know how many games ever since they’ve been doing really good he’s just pushing his way into it all the start conversation I could probably go all the way up to Lake Mall May 4th to 83 with a 996 LPS but even before then if we go 6 May 13th is last 21 games exit 329 Jesus has Vampire Diaries on them the time game hit streaks during those ten games I mean spent 3 95 lbs of 1.3 so Austin Meadows is definitely doing this thing.  Fielder Corbin Burnes I know he’s been pitching really well he just had a great start yesterday you definitely need to make the All-Star Game he definitely is just jump right back into the soil young kid to see what is fine. Going to happen because Jacob.

Remodeling Milwaukee nope basement remodeling Milwaukee.  last item left to start these pits 13 days and we gave up one earned run strike out 20 so add this to start in a row we wasn’t the best picture I’ve ever seen but is the video list and take Brian Woodruff is still paste to your a I think 44 all those up there as well definition of 3.225 era are you only going to hit for 9 so the only guy that I know it’s but you’re not good is Jacob degrom who will be an All-Star he already has his nasty nobody’s talked to me what he’s got.