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Good morning and welcome to Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee today we will be discussing what it’s like to work in the office at Back to Basics Brothers let me tell you it’s a great gift to have a career and during this time of covid-19 I’m very blessed beyond measure to be here in to be working with a family that is willing to support me through the good and the bad in any given situation at Back to Basics Builders and I cannot describe the love and the kindness and that the employees share an employer’s and how supportive are a team has been throughout this pandemic and crisis at Back to Basics Builders we have become closer we’re a family where understanding we are so grateful that we have food on the table that we have clothes that we have shelter we have our basic necessities and we’re always working to improve when we work to improve we’re working to do the greatness that we have been called to do and that Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling in Milwaukee where people that love for people that share good things were a people are excited to move forward and we’re excited and we get excited when business is flourishing and we get excited when they’re such hard times because we know at the end that there’s going to be a product and we may not necessarily know that product but as a human you want to try and protect everything in life and you want to know what this outcome is going to be but at Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we have sat and we’ve discussed it had meetings we had agitation we’ve had so much going on through this process of social distancing and what it is and what it looks like and what it means to all of us and we have all these different personalities at Back to Basics Builders people sometimes like to touch each other I can tell you that is not my kind of personality I am I am a bubble person I keep six feet in the matter what I occasionally like to hug people given circumstances but it takes a lot for me to come out of my bubble eye Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we love to look and see the Sun at the end of the day of our morning I love to see the sun shine Through the Windows we love to smell the Clean Air we love to hear voices of laughter outside of the windows of the office we like to experience life enjoy and we like that with olives the societal changes that there is grace and mercy that falls upon us and that when we see trying times we see victories at Back to Basics Builders we want families to know that they’re not alone through this process we too are going through the struggles and we too are looking for the light in the darkness and sometimes it’s hard to carry that on your shoulder on your own it’s hard to see that when we are going through the world and we’re hearing all of the bad and we’re not seeing any good that we find a silver lining and I promise you my Back to Basics Builders basement remodel sometimes that’s how we look forward to is just a silver lining and I know that yesterday in Milwaukee we had a great tragedy where there was five victims of a gunman and it was desire the gunman was a relative of the deceased and I don’t know any details there were none given there’s an ongoing a so-called fluid investigation and during this time there’s no details to be given these families are looking for the silver lining and well working at Back to Basics Builders I have a few moments a day where I can ponder the thoughts and I can look for silver lining in different situations because I have time to step back and focus and think and get my marbles together and last night as we were watching the news and the tragedy the details that could be given at the time of the tragedy we knew that the community was coming together we saw the change in Neighbors we saw the love that they had we saw the care that they were giving those that were mourning and grieving and processing things as each individual May at their well and when grief hits and shock hits everybody reacts in such a different way at Back to Basics Builders we are here and when I say we are here I say that meaning yes we have an open line of communication we have an open door policy but it doesn’t just mean for our customers these doors are always open we are here to help people through the good and the bad and I am just amazed and as I look out the window and I see the sun shining in the Silver Lining cold and quote I am grateful I am so filled with joy knowing that in my situation and my position that I have a family that cares who own a business and I see a family that loves their employees and takes care of them and they don’t just come in and say oh good morning sunshine know they mean good morning sunshine they are our encouragers they are a people of love and they do see the good in situations and that’s what I love about back-to-basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee there is not a day goes by that I regret coming to work that I dread coming to work that I look out the windows and yeah today I see the sign and I miss my babies and I want to see them outside playing on the playground but in all reality or social distancing Rick Florentine we get to go to Grandma and Grandpa’s house and play in the backyard while they see us out the windows that is earning lifestyle so I have so much to be grateful for at Back to Basics Brothers basement remodeling Milwaukee and we want you to know that you are cared for that you are supported that you are respected we are a faithful and loyal company that respect the differences in every family and we celebrate all the different challenges that may come upon us that we overcome together this is not our home this is your home and this is your remodel and it has become our project and we’re here to support you through this entire process so give us a call for your free estimate today and continue with us for 15% lower right than any other company in the business.