Hello hello hello testing testing testing picking up the fours into little microphone continuously for about a thousand words yada yada yada. Okay so now that I know that my headphones still work and they’re still charged because I assumed they were going to still be working in charging now I will start talking about my article basement remodeling Milwaukee.

So for this article we talked about using 3 neighborhoods. My mom just ordered our family dog a new collar. It looks all ready and I’m stopping at something it just looks like so big and bulky and Maggie still so tiny that if the scholars going to like completely just like topple her over. And I feel like I really like the color she has no I don’t know why my mom is so expect a big issue with it but whatever I guess it’s really like her choice. But like she spend so much money on the stand collar that made you already has and now she’s just spending more money at the collar that like me he doesn’t even need. But whatever it’s your choice we need to find Marvin a new dog collars well maybe not I like a softball or a lot it’s just that it gets kind of dirty really easily but at the same time like if I don’t want to buy a new one I don’t see not going to buy you a new one basement remodeling Milwaukee.

But I really like her so on chewy that I don’t like actually it’s like all and I just like I’m such a big person like everything needs to match I know that it doesn’t need to patch but I just feel like everything should match and what’s that doesn’t match I like I really miss you was at 4 it just like weirds me out. But off there was a column if I wanted to get Marvin off of chewing I thought it was so cute and I’d like a little sharks on it and stuff and trying to find it now. But my son wanted nothing to do with her. I’m slightly know what I think it looks cool. Put on musically if you like when you’re looking at like buying a home or whatever the cup so you need to the candidate or something red. Coming from an area where like I didn’t really have to think about it like obviously I’m not super knowledgeable about it all. But I definitely feel like there’s a few things that you don’t want to keep an eye out for just to make sure that everything’s like safe mode basement remodeling Milwaukee. Cut like I mean I’ve seen one of those in a nice area that cuts were pretty slick goal but like sometimes you just do a little more research I don’t fear you are living the spaghetti dinner. Because sometimes light yellow play I was supposed to be here today in the consideration when doing a project.

Marvin still mad at me so with our this enemy just chilling on them next 7 burst of energy in each is there a Subway on anybody near him you just need to like be more like continuously work with him in his heart is because like we’ll take it off I’m so much and then like he’s just not used to it when he gets like super mad when you put it back on them because like he doesn’t want to wear it obviously like this isn’t really his biggest cup of tea. I mean like I would want to wear anything like that around my neck I didn’t take it back list as I get stuff like that but I don’t really want to work out like play I really want to find one that has like some kind of orange tonight because like his new harness has some orange in it so I think I found somebody with a little bit of him towards I think it’ll look really cool basement remodeling Milwaukee. Bye header on my the big situation with the color words just that I always looks like it’s like a hunting seasons do you like obviously like he’s on a haunted doll room at 100% so like I don’t really want to go to be like I don’t know is it legal for the column is I think it’s cool with them recently 6 I like everything so I can go early and then he wouldn’t want it. I don’t know I also like I found the color policy this is another one that I really wanted like I really like there is Argyle when I thought was super cool. Cuz I like orange and brown in it and I thought I work for the nice but I don’t know who looks like him but that’s how it is basement remodeling Milwaukee.

Are you I know what sound of a The package that comes with the collar and Leash 3 toys. I don’t know I might have to like go in summer to look at a college just because I can pay for somebody to Red options in like I’m just so picky with at all. I don’t know I might end up just keeping the collar that he has because I do like this color does she like you get so dirty so easily cuz I’ve liked him to wait almost color I think it looks really nice so I mean I still just keep it just because I don’t know why not I really like the shark ones Mason does not like it the only issue with the sharp when is to those that it looks a little bit smaller like Center but I don’t know I still think it looks cool I’m sick of gray but greyish-white so I could still get dirty too and I really want to avoid cut a collar that can get dirty just because I don’t have to buy another new one and has a matching leash basement remodeling Milwaukee.