Star Trek how about we go there we go start Trek very perfect I’m going to be a good snack for my diet since we just all fat and protein I don’t know what these are men nothing are you doing do you like pork rinds Kyle new do I but I got to eat them.¬† I was like I got these original park rides and they’re going to taste like nothing little league I had the BBQ ones last night which weren’t horrible but they and tasting lunch I can only imagine these I’m starving cigarettes here paste test for the pork rind not good Thai Taste like I’m eating styrofoam.¬† basement remodeling Milwaukee we’ll see where we’re at at this time if I just stay hydrated I can avoid all these things let’s keep talking about the the Yankees prospects Luis Medina what you already done with it.

What number you said I remember you said hi I 30 is most likely mid-forties like 45 is what you were thinking in the car at least you’re pretty good at that that’s the high one that’s with everything they want for what was that also ran yeah I can see that never-mind that doesn’t sound surprising cuz you have basement remodeling Milwaukee¬† to like they probably won’t want to do it if they see that it cost 50 then with the egress but who knows I mean so this is the one this is the one that you think they’ll do this proposed when you’re a new one that’s higher one that’s lower you’re the one that’s lower what kind of stuff would you take out speak difference scroll the sink over right yeah it’s pretty small 4000 laminate can look nice with done right I mean that’s laminate yeah I was going to say you could tell the difference but I don’t know it’s not that serious All right if we look to look at Luis Medina the series got a 1.57 era I’m 23 innings in point average of 110 so he’s dominating what highball right now so apply break. Just me go to MLB scores I want to see the league leaders right now I guess we can look at yesterday see what happened all the Brewers last time the Cleveland chain Bieber beat the White Sox I don’t believe basement remodeling Milwaukee Hamilton

Kind of got out of the park home run one of my favorite players in the league is Billy Hamilton so he’s fun to watch what kind of what he has a double so he’s having one of his better years I feel like hitting wise since he recently see last year we have 125 that doesn’t count unless you did good everybody knows that she had one hit with the Mets end 17 2012 ATS add 6 phone cases I’m a 2019 it to 18 so I’m his thing is defense and speed like what see the year yeah I know he’s just fun pleasure to watch he’s at 4 career 310 stolen bases I thought you would be higher my brownie has a prospect of seeing young 2012 start give me the major league all rookie team in 2014 he was a rising star 2012 upscale Player of the Year at a mall that is but organization All Star see his big thing was triples on basis he never basement remodeling Milwaukee led the league in stolen bases I was just kind of crazy to me Austin Hedges 142 speak write a check the closer for Cleveland good 53 strikeouts in 27 Innings last year free stuff that’s pretty incredible I guess when is clear go 57 and 805 strikeouts in a 268 year a and there’s also Brian Shaw who apparently is 33 years old in having one of the best seasons of his career and I don’t know where that comes from.

But I can see him leveling back off to Berkeley the Orioles beat the twins 74 twins are bad the Orioles are bad I don’t think the Orioles have been good for a long time but Cedric Mullins went to her for I think he’s the guy yeah he is definitely that guy right look up basement remodeling Milwaukee don’t even know I can look up worst MLB team last 10 years let’s see who it would be of the 2010s who are the worst team of the 2010s the Marlins the worst see how the last time hold my 23 years so since I’ve been alive see who has the worst season records I don’t really the modern era of the worst season 19 and life words to 3 Tigers win 43 games Orioles in 2018 147 it’s not what I want to do top 10 worst baseball teams all this is just like going to be each year yellow tells and three tigers are definitely the worst 74 Diamondback 2013 Astros are not very good see if they did their little remodel I think but copy records see all we only look up to there is thank you Wikipedia basement remodeling Milwaukee.

If I can load right the team with the most wins in history would be the will be the Giants with the most wins in history the worst winning percentage in history as the Padres see the first movie season 6 of the Padres have just always been bad at Marlins of kind of always been bad it seems the most losses all time is the Phillies they’re not very good the Braves have pretty bad Cubs of lost a lot see the worst winning percentage Beast of see 1993 the Rockies 8 the Phillies are probably one of the historically one of the worst teams of basement remodeling Milwaukee all time new season Padres again I want to the worst who’s had the least one of the Rockies at the least amount of total playoff game so the Rockies are very good last postseason appearance the Mariners in 2001 they are poverty franchise look up the 2021 Mariners see where they’re at I think there was a lot of good prospects but that’s about it so we can look at that when this is done.