I want to find a one of these for today so I could do that right now but we’re going to keep doing so if you keep looking at stats make yours it is not pitching well this year he’s just can’t get anybody out on me struggle the AAA just kind of weird thing to see especially and he didn’t do good either we still young I mean still with 24 never mind getting up there a crystal cash for the Braves has basement remodeling Milwaukee.  if we keep looking yes it’s about 6. Sanchez and see where he’s at he’s a guy that nobody likes him I did play Miami last year he must be hurt or something Rick Lewis is dropped onto the number 14 Prospect tiresome to do with their struggles in the leave the Marco Luciano on this year is he’s a good hitter for a second with a on my shorts.

That was pretty good to eat my steak but we’ll get there.  basement remodeling Milwaukee if you look at the 15 Prospect JJ bleday for the sea for the Marlins 23 year old Lefty outfielder pretty lucky bad but he’s really struggling this year and double-a so I’m sure they’re not too and I’ll focus on speeding up that process if you look at Riley green heard of that name I feel like but he’s hitting pretty well right now even a double A last year especially in rookie ball on by you 20 year old Lefty Austin Martin for the Blue Jays the Blue Jays to seem to be producing shortstop ever shortstop do not create this year but I’m use the fifth overall pick in last year’s draft so Joey Bart for San basement remodeling milwaukee Francisco is a guy that will probably come up pretty soon he has been in the league by last year in 2021 so but this year he’s in Triple-A Muse so what time for them to keep him up full-time Matt Manning I don’t know much about him but he’s not pitching good this year Alex curl off I’ve heard a lot about him I think he’s just a big power hitter maybe not you play for the twins this year he’s been in some games on channel he’s a good hitter all throughout the miners. Specially it was in 2018 between the table in the cover off the ball gray Center.  for the Orioles is pitching really going to hide a ball right now so you’ll probably be you guys can get a promotion soon he’s a left-hander Max Meyer don’t know much about him or you keep going then for the for the Royals there’s Daniel Daniel Lynch is his name he has pitched for the Royals this year and has given up 18 hits in eight Innings so they’ll probably use 10 right basement remodeling milwaukee  back down from Emerson Hancock is just incredible name for a player.

I guess he is killing it and Heidi wall in 9 Innings go 11 strikeouts 1 33 averaging some mangos is the guy for the Yankees at our boys really hyped up about I’m easily 18 so there’s not much to say about him right now I’ll Logan Gilbert I don’t know why players Matthew Liberatore of heard him struggling Nolan Gorman another guy for the first St Louis he’ll probably got that all out here about four years to come.

List for pirates is what number on the 32 ranked Prospect so trusting cassis for the Red Sox is hitting really well this year he’s the guy that plays first base for the Red Sox fans by pretty excited while he.  basement remodeling Milwaukee we look at Jordan Gross Shannon see this is the shortstop for the Tampa Bay there but he’s excited about he’s hitting hitting that great this year but are we concerned about you and go shake hands Alvarez on 50 to 19 so I don’t know about that it’s just he’s doing really well this year in high in single-a he did very good and now hiding 4 games he’s struggling to feed the see his on Jeter Downs is a guy that I know a lot of people Red Sox talk about him so special for Midland Fielder you do blue van is a he is a guy that I’ve also heard about.  home and then we go to AAA he is also hitting good in that so those will see Brad Marsh as a guy I know for the Angels.

Angel fans are excited about his struggle to hit this year but I don’t know if he’s got speed on a thing as he’s just supposed to be like a do they do a don’t really do a prospect Lake comparison Khyber I miss you for the Dodgers he’s struggling but she’s definitely been a really good header throughout his career Josiah Gray I’m pretty well if we keep looking it okay so we’re almost done with this but if we keep looking look at that Garrett Mitchell is the 52nd link Prospect in the league could for him something that you never get a burger guys O’Neil Cruz don’t know much about him but he’s short stop it’s like average header pipe fast not really Josh Jung don’t know what’s going on we shouldn’t good and let me see to his agent double-a basement remodeling milwaukee so that the team is the Frisco RoughRiders such a good name Brendan McKay is definitely flowing off he was very highly touted Rings Prospect and now he’s just struggling struggling how we definitely have to hit her that he should be just kind of going into the more pitching side of things for us with these another guy that I’m used to be I feel like that I’m ordering Prospect noise and AAA and he’s just fallen off especially after his 2019 eat really struggled in AAA I’m so excited restoring is also in the top 100 so that’s exciting good for the Brewers in the top 100 for the first time in like what feels like forever I’m out of 2 emails and see if Walmart probably take me to 60 thanks Rob.