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Hello there! I see you are back again to see what is being said about technology in the remodeling industry. However, before I get into that I would like to say that I hope everyone had a tremendous weekend full of enjoyment and laughter as well as got a chance to relax a little bit and wind down from the week. I can tell you I did my busiest was Saturday morning where I had some errands to run but other than that it was a nice quite relaxing weekend I got to watch all the games that were on this weekend and there were some great ones to watch and some that were disappointing to watch, but overall it was a good time this weekend. I can also say everyone here at basement remodeling milwaukee had an interesting weekend of some sort one of our office managers went apple picking and pumpkin picking with their kids. With that all said let’s dive on in to the topic at hand. To start we are going back in time to the early 1900’s and looking at how they worked on construction and remodeling. So I want to state the obvious they did not have computers to do all blue prints and calculations that were needed they did everything by hand working on blue prints to paper just to make sure that everything that needed to get done got done they did not have the luxury like we do today making our job easier to do making sure that all measurement are correct and not off in the slightest so, think about all the building that were created and built from back then and how they did all that without the technology that we have today. Now just thinking about makes you realize would we have been good enough to do any of that well it doesn’t matter to because the technology that has been progressing through the last one hundred years has helped us create and build better building and homes for people to live in. Basement remodeling milwaukee has had the opportunity to see how the industry is moving and are growing with the industry. So, let’s talk a little now at the technology that has been growing and as well as some other ideas on the subject. First off, we recently got the opportunity to try a new program where it makes it easier to draw a sketch of the house to create a blueprint of sort for the inspectors. I had the opportunity to go through the free trial and learn how to use the software and help create a few different plans that turned out real nice. This program allows many different forms we work with only a single level of the house this program allows a whole house remodel to building a home from scratch which his very cool is it not. Now The people in the early nineteen hundred still did all of this without the technology that we have today, and they were successful. The question remains though for everyone how do we improve on what we did yesterday. Well that comes with technology and how it is being used in the workplace, here at basement remodeling milwaukee we strive to keep up to date with technology because it helps us so our jobs better and we want to make sure we are doing our job with the up most skill we have which includes technology and creating an experience that will help families create a life time of new memories. With that being said basement remodeling milwaukee does it job with great pride to do the best we can do. Now lets take a look at the nineteen fifties and the technology that they had back then which is more advance that it was in the early nineteen hundreds. So, we know computers were starting to evolve during the mid century and programs started to come out helping out with a lot of numbers and small things that make office life a little easier than it was in the beginning of the century. Now I am not trying to give you a history lesson but rather showing the difference in technology that was compared to now and letting you know that the technology that is being created is taking the industry by storm with all there fancy updates and measurements that saves a lot of time and number crunching for office assistants and architects that need to do these things on a daily bases. Now, here at basement remodeling milwaukee we strive to do the best work possible and in order to do that we need to make sure that the people in the office can do there jobs with the technology that is given to them so they in return can help us succeed some of the different technology that I am refereeing to is the different software that allows them talk on the phones and create appointments for us, the next are the computers and programs that allows the creating of schedules so everyone can see them the different programs like Microsoft office and desk tops to help them keep track of leads that come in as well as agendas for al of our clients to keep them in the loop through the duration of the remodeling project that is in their home. With technology rapidly growing each year your really do have to stay up to date with every thing due to fact some technology is really useful to some other not so much just because they come out with a new version does not mean that it is the best version for you at basement remodeling milwaukee we make sure to use all the technology at our disposal to help create the best experience for the clients that come to our family so we can help create an unforgettable experience for them and their family so they can create new memories.