I feel like I’ve heard that name right I think how old is he yes I should have been in my a g x I’m 23 he would have been in my grade or one older so I’ve definitely heard that name.  how do you still do that like you take a year off and you’re still go 95 in it’s on 95 I feel like you got kind of a ticket there that’s like a natural thing that you can’t really teach was Joy I mean.  when some. 88 tooth painting right at school basement remodeling milwaukee  he’s whatever you want me to center background that’s crazy.  it was the funniest thing ever is it at the top of the shoulder that would suck yeah yeah he didn’t know where that thing was going.  I think you’re trying to hit that guy I’m heading 1 putting them right in the back yeah I’m going to hit him in the hand right do you know how many times I hit the worst one that I I did a lot cuz I mean I to Kerrville basement remodeling milwaukee appropriate to right-handed batters happened to Austin but Austin and I’ll swear I would hit their back foot it was still a how do you know it cuz it wasn’t like the player would not usually know either cuz it like barely got and then I’m sick note.  No I what do you throw in for like third-to-first how hard you throwing yeah well you up in the prime like college 95-80 I feel like people like where I like what 78 I 80 not even right tonight.

I was able to the most I ever increase my fastball from like offseason training and stuff was from like 77 to 1881 as all I that was what you had see I never liked will 1 I mean my frame I’m not like a power pitcher I mean for me I feel like 80 was was fine house like.  the worst was I mean you probably did you ever pitch in high school or anyting the worst is when you pitch in and they put you in the field you know bad that probably is for your arm like dude I’ll text you when I get put in the Outfield in a mind to make a throw there’s no chance I was getting there yeah when I came back out cuz you’re training differently in like training other support muscles a freak basement remodeling milwaukee.

It’s pretty cool dude that said yeah I was never that was never thrown out always wish I could it when you can hear the seams on the ball it’s different if you don’t got the wine you know you’re wind-ups different all that but look what see where we are at yesterday we wanted watch add to watch Hobbs and Shaw last night pretty cool movie The Rock and Jason Statham are in it profile summary.  oh really oh my gosh you guys 1 that’s funny hey I want to be happy with me there Brighton Hove Albion well Are we boys typing that there we go to bed it didn’t record that will call that’s too bad I’ve been a good girl mom words look at the table with the Brewers did last night or did you see that thing about the Pirates play on the Pirates Brian Hayes and you don’t run yesterday but you must first base rounding the base missed first base so it they call him out when he so didn’t count like how do you how do you do that you miss first base on a home run I could see somebody missing Third Base second base yeah right see what these questions our current location and I’ll say Milwaukee why not hometown favorite movie I don’t know my.

Basement remodeling milwaukee favorite movie is all actually is probably Make sure my favorite movie is probably the Avengers Infinity War my favorite actor I see what that is I can we think of a favorite actor The Rock turn up questionnaire here probably not the best idea my favorite I just watched a movie with him in it last night I know they just lost four straight to the Brewers I didn’t know that was part of the 18 tell your favorite actors on The Rock I think who’s my favorite actor are you a fast and furious Hobbs and Shaw that’s what I watch last night which I kind of like because it’s did you like how to draw the funny thing was watching elves like I just think it’s I like all those movies are just laying and do it like basement remodeling milwaukee how ridiculous it’s got like they started to street racing and now it’s like the bad guy in Hobbs and Shaw was like a cybernetic superhuman like yeah but.

we can regulate their is the one where they were in Florida and they had the bank and they stole it yeah I like that one yeah I also likes I also like the the the building jumping with a car yeah oh yeah basement remodeling milwaukee  that’s where the actress that plays Wonder Woman that’s where she got her start and within that will be I think Gal Gadot but like that was one of her early films I believe I liked I don’t know if like Vin Diesel Vin Diesel and all this new one they got like I don’t know where Ben diesel just has a brother it’s John Cena did they say that I feel like it just came out of nowhere like well that he loves his family is all about family when our finally learn about his brother like okay it’s John Cena John Cena.  the chick I don’t basement remodeling milwaukee know what he all yes I with American deer that. Ryan Reynolds was so funny in that movie, he is always really funny and can. I think it is called Safe House.