Hey there who would hope everyone’s having a great and fantastic evening on this beautiful Sunday night I know it would talk a little bit about how beautiful it is outside now beautiful stars are and it’s a great site seeing what you’re up basement remodeling milwaukee always appreciate the little things we always appreciate the ideas of outside nature and seeing the different beauties of the world you know it’s one of the great topics we have to talk about today and you know it say we’re going to be discussing custom glass cuz it gets up there and gets prettiest pricey and we won’t discuss a little bit with you cuz why do we don’t know exactly what I swear says you don’t have a city Co yeah well it’s disgusting last one’s a little bit more than that you know here at basement remodeling walking you use custom glass what we need to it’s quite expensive.

Up Country glass we use a lot when we have to tithe places where we don’t normally need a title for example for bathtubs in bathrooms when we’re making a half walls we have to make sure that there’s a glass that helps out in the idea of stopping the water from going anywhere so that it takes care of the glass. you know here at basement remodeling Milwaukee is also a topic that everyone wants a shower doors shower glass door that’s perfectly fine but you know cuz like I said that’s get pretty expensive here at basement remodeling Milwaukee it doesn’t matter whether you go to somebody else either it is going to be pretty expensive asking me where the more expensive are options for the little space that it provides you know when you look at price and cost like tile obviously is little more expensive than anything else such a thing you do in the surround of a shower or tub that the shower glass Castle of Glass does add-on quite a bit but you know if you look at the surface area of that shower you know it really you look at the price difference like it’s up there compared to the fact that matter is tight you’re pretty price of tile.

You’re looking at it three different walls of tile instead of just one wall of a straight glass and you know what that’s what kind of brings it the price around that one wall is worth$2,400 which is well fine if you want it and you can afford it but a lot of people don’t understand that that’s how much it cost to make a shower door because he has a score dope Bernard’s or anywhere and spine a shower door cuz I need to cuss him if the fact matter is it plays that were working it is custom he can’t just go about and create a beautiful shower door at stock. Discussing today you know what can we talk about one of her clients is beautiful bathrooms and how amazing it is and how many things that was about to be like I said it’s completely tiled before and it turned out do you look at it and a little bigger than normal bathrooms it’s more of itby 10 rather than a 5/8 equals more fathoms are by a family.

One said this is more of an 8 by 10and the bathroom is quite a bit big you know it has its own little closet walking closet where you can hang stuff for towels from little close to here anywhere you can see can get changed in the bathroom itself which is pretty amazing it’s very unique and very different from other aspects and different things that you normally see in. now I want everyone to know that your basement remodeling Milwaukee it’s one of the last things we add because you know it’s not that we don’t we always want more money but the fact of the matter is it does change the acid and making sure that trying to stay within your budget you know it’s one of the last things we have to add if we need to add it we do recommend other options before we do additive.

Like I mentioned before and we used to go over all the details of everything making sure that this is what you want you know if we do want to add custom glass holy let you know that this is going to cost this watch because you know here at base room on the Milwaukee we’re very upfront with you about the different ideas and different prices of things just because we want you to be aware of the prices that we put together and we know what you did complete the sticker shock of what the price in might be when we come back with a proposal because you know would you want you to come with us with you what you to proceed with us here at base remodeling Milwaukee because we believe we are the best in the business you know that’s everyone’s decision so why don’t you give basement remodeling Milwaukee a call let us help you with your decisions on your next big remodel let us help you with whether or not you want to hear what the floor and you want what type of sealant do you want in the basement were kitchen or whatever let us figure out whether or not you want to wet bar downstairs or not to drive or even what you want  a bathroom even do you want to add all these different types of things do you want to go all out on this beautiful basement of yours if you want just to have a decent bass more you can or you going to have an egress window for your next bedroom let us help you with that and let us help you create an unforgettable experience and create many new memories cuz that’s what we do here basement remodeling Milwaukee.