Hey there once again everyone everyone’s having a great and fantastic evening on this beautiful Wednesday night and I’m just sitting here and talk about some of the things about remodeling projects and you know it comes to things I am looking at the Packers of the street sign a couple new people people people today for a couple days and I didn’t see that it was very interesting you know it won’t cost us the game for not saying that it was his fault completely but you know you can make a flag and a completely different things if you didn’t get that flag but you know here at basement remodeling Milwaukee we’re not dwelling on the past from Sports we are going forward and going to be talking about outdoor lighting for septic specially new outdoor lighting and in all we talk about outdoor wedding in the past quite literally outdoor lighting for you know the timer to be discussing different options you have.

so come give us a check out at Beach Marine walkie how are you that’s good to hear what’s today fan did what needs to be done there basement remodeling milwaukee needs stopping going over it Ness Lake Macross. But it’s the entire with the house about so they want that I would cross it has a bunch of really messed up but they want the window is as accessible as possible that’s good Hip Hop if you open at the same area for the last couple days yesterday or that I was at 00 2nd that’s good those are small things that have happened after every project self how about Messerschmitt Sheldon Yeah but yeah Joe Weatherly today you should have it by Grant did not know he was having a huge headache yeah he will reschedule his appointments today self what is why I’m here at my other one rescheduled on me which was I guess I was okay it was a decent project to look at but it was in Waukesha and he called me since I got some bad news like what we have a family function this past weekend one of them tested positive so now the wrong corintios like okay we’ll just reschedule you target I got the rest of the day.

I finally finished everything got caught up on a lot of stuff which is very nice cuz we just been hectic yeah you don’t wear that would those are like she might have one or two things I don’t think that will happen offer hatch is going to hatch yeah because that’s what we didn’t order the closet stuff when we’re about to finish the project. Yeah it looks really good I saw pictures of it we were joking because you know she said yeah that’s the whole reason why we do the projects like Basement Remodeling Milwaukee is know the whole reason why you get the project is to keep your kids downstairs and you have your friends upstairs that was a real reason why do the project adult friends cat that is ridiculous she is just one.

The funny thing with the baby daddy was that we weren’t really going to take the project yeah we told her she was we are halfway in between with me and Joe walked out of there and we like she’s she crazy maybe just a little but is it okay if the project is 50,000 yeah we’ll take it and then we found out she’s not the one paying for it and then we kick it. I know I was just starting out so I might hang out on the phone and I’m the only one in the office and he calls and wants all these specific details I was like let me pull up the contracts well let’s go through together here we’ll go line-by-line I was so mad I told you I was like Joe likes listen to the conversation he literally basically is telling me I’m stupid like that’s fine like I had no clue what he wanted to talk about what was going on yeah Ilike I don’t know what to tell him like I literally told exactly what Lauren told us because that’s what she wanted what do you mean I like that’s what she wanted like. I don’t know where you guys you communicate that me and you what you need to communicate that’s when the whole project to was just her not communicating with Jack she eventually told us to take jack off the stuff and then we lie quote Jackson can we get up there the project has not to tell you well I’m paying for it okay well we’re fine with that we’re just not trying to get in the middle of this stuff yeah. Us yeah did you tell her not to put anything down there till after the final inspection We Believe told her that a million times, yet we saw the final inspection wait till we’re done completely done we’re never going to be there again don’t worry about it then we will worry about it it’s not ours honestly, but you have a good night.

Madam Garrett basement remodeling Milwaukee you know there is a lot that goes on here at basement remodel milwaukee you know what to talk about outdoor lighting all the time and not marry different options you have from it you know we do not typically do exterior work. So, that’s hardly art Forte but you know there is a lot of options out there from different stores you can choose from you can look at different websites there is a lot of places you can choose he did not you know. here at basement remodeling Milwaukee there is just a final thing but here at basement remodel more cuz a lot of projects and we take it on and we typically don’t do outside light work like I said but you know there’s something needs to be out of town get done outside like I’m some siding and every now and then get need to get done for us when we put in the window so I do not normally do It but here basement remodeling Milwaukee we make sure our clients are happy with the work being done.