Hair was really discussing the challenging bathrooms here at basement remodeling Milwaukee and this is the top of that we don’t really say come up with very often because you know that much is challenging but you know we do have a few challenging projects every now and then and it’s not due to the fact that designers challenge generating is that we need to make sure that we are doing everything correctly because of things in the house to make sure it is up to code.

You know here at basement remodeling walk with you need to make sure everything is up to code from one where in the house for everything while working on Soph working on the basement we need to make sure the electricals upgrade is we need to make sure the back is sufficient enough to have the space be done with and have enough ductwork and surprise me turns well as the air is being brought into the place properly you know when you make sure if it has a bathroom and needs to have updated Plumbing it needs to be sure that none of that stuff can just go wrong or it be half asked because it matters because we want to make sure we’re doing a great job here and we want to make sure our clients get the best effort best work and best quality from us and that’s what we do as well as we can lose our license if we everything is not up to code.

So with that said you know we make sure all the flooding is up to date you know when a client asked basement remodeling milwaukee us to do a half bathroom but we’ve the other half on touch with I just want stop and self surround I’ll fix I was like that’s a little more challenging especially when there’s a window in the middle it will can we just put a straw and I cannot reproduce around there. You know we do get a couple clients like that swear that they have a window in the bathroom and it’s in the middle of the shower and a squirrel can we just get rid of it like what we can and it’s going to cost you more money as well you know you can’t just put a shower and Surround in and have it be gone because it’s still there to begin with and it just cause problems later on. So yo was project was discussing with him was like well he doesn’t want to spend a lot of money on the project but he wants to make sure that gets done properly so will you can’t have both done properly in done how it’s supposed to be. It’s going to cost money does you know basement remodeling milwaukee you have a leaking problem while we could probably be caused by Betty few things while you have a wood window frame and it can be so kind and so would your down into the drywall they could be the child that has been regarded in years to be fixed there could be a whole or a crack in the grout between the floor and the table itself in this play different dancing we don’t know until we take it out and see it and if you want to make sure everything’s done properly well like I said it’s going to cost money.

So they should be here at the basement remodeling Milwaukee we won’t want to make sure we’re up front with our clients and when we don’t want to have them happy too much in shock and you know it does come down to a lot of aspects of knowing the project and what it will cost when are there you know what something like that is going to not be as much as a full bathroom because hard work but you know it does come down to the fact that would you like to make sure everything is taken care of properly it takes a little more to time and Bunny flat. So when we talked about the challenging bathroom this is not the channel to bathroom this is an example of something that could be challenging you know we want people to understand that this is why I asked that go into projects and you know what you think is challenging might not we might not think it’s that challenging but we do need to make sure that we are covering our bases when we are looking at projects like that just so that we are aware of everything that’s going on we do take a look at all the options before we give you a file option decision to make do you know we hoped it go back and work with you.

Hope you understand what’s going on throughout the process is well here at basement remodeling Milwaukee with you have orientation to help you guys understand the process that goes on into a project like this weather it is a huge basement it’s a small bathroom or half a bathroom or a mass bathroom all these projects have the same type of process we start and then at the end refinish obviously but you know in that video we want to help you guys understand what’s going on communicate with you with everything that is going to be done in one people are going to be coming to your guys’s house to work on the project and whatnot because you know that’s what we do here basement remodeling Milwaukee we’re very open booked we are very coherent with you guys we are very open about everything that we are working on doing with you guys we want to make sure you guys understand the process and don’t have any questions so we can move on and move quickly throughout the process of the remodel whether there is a bathroom or basement or even a kitchen you know what it comes down to how well we communicate with our clients is how well it turns out here at basement remodeling milwaukee.