Color goes with gray we look at this original beef stick packaging it says Pew open on left side also says peel open on the right side and then it is the original flavor. Undo that last 12 grams of protein okay that makes sense and then basement remodeling Milwaukee there’s also it says Jack Link’s undo that there’s the logo that looks like it’s definitely trademarked both logos are trademarks actually made with 100% beef I guess I believe that slow cooked and seasoned beef steak and first thing I’m going to come to the nutrition facts in one package which is only 28 grams or 70 calories which isn’t too bad 2 grams of fat which is 3% of your daily value.

After that there is saturated fat but there’s no Grams transparent 0 grams on cholesterol it’s kind of high cholesterol there’s 10% of your daily value with 30 mg and then after that a sodium contents pretty high 680 mg which is 30% of your daily value. no fiber I’m only one gram of sugar and a 11 grams of protein basement remodeling milwaukee¬† which is apparently 20% of your daily value smaller than that just a little bit of iron in them above tacion. Give me ingredients in this our beef water salt and it came taints 2 or less of flavors brown sugar spices and everything else the let’s see the place where you can reach them at his link snacks Inc one snack food Lane Munising Wisconsin the number to check 2028 Lynx next link is also copyrighted I’m still next player until April 14th 2022. In the other game that played last night the Nuggets beat the Trailblazers to tie the series at one apiece if we look at the box score looks like Denver outscored them in the first second 13022 whatever it was he just can’t shoot. Where’d you go we have this meeting all these me back I will be right don’t dust hold it down then when do you want to go to that estimate oh yes I forgot that you had that I will basement remodeling milwaukee call them after we do that I didn’t see it you have it up I know he heard that he did something dirty but I don’t know oh my gosh they took them outfit for tackling to do it in the air he did more than that malicious that’s not malicious you can definitely cheese do they fight him I got the dirt that’s dirty expressions like that then getting up thing was dirty.

That is like he took it’s it’s not that Trevor Ariza / 3 in 19 minutes he had yesterday yeah this is huge but good thing we have guys like like Bobby Portis we’ll fight them don’t know if you know who Bobby Portis is but he got in trouble used in the Bulls he got in trouble a couple years ago for knocking out one of his teammates fighting knockout basement remodeling Milwaukee yeah I knew I didn’t even see that I should look them up see if what people are saying about it what The premium is $667.52 per month.¬† either way so while I wait for Joe I’m going to keep working on this because I might as well figure this out while I wait for Joe because he is in a column look at the Trevor Ariza stuff a big difference has what’s going on here yet but they applied so is so much better than I don’t really understand the Trevor Ariza thing understand what they’re getting what’s going on here the heater just started Talk Dirty team it’s pretty frustrating to watch especially when they go against toggle of flagrant fouls agency honest I don’t understand but it is what it is my push onion has definitely dirty play.

Let’s see if you’ll eat so I got tangled up with Jonas by Portis yeah he’s definitely going to fight somebody I’m glad to see that yeah I don’t really understand Jonas has just definitely just too much too good and I think that’s what’s frustrating them basement remodeling Milwaukee. There’s really like a lot going on here I don’t really understand what’s going on here I guess I can look up since Chris militant in the playoffs so far I don’t know what you want of people think he doesn’t show up in the playoffs when his numbers are really good that even this season he wasn’t at all star but he’s still a very good numbers all star like numbered how much you do for him in the playoffs I don’t really understand his similar to its course through 8 years Gallinari Tobias Harris maybe I don’t know let’s see where else we got here see Playoff stats go to Middleton page is nothing there.

There is per game in the playoffs yeah so far this year in the playoffs he’s shooting 50% from 3 struggle the last table for his career with the Box 42% in the playoffs 42 from 3 18 point per game Ivory bones most viruses 1 steel I don’t know how you can get that much better is definitely a good player I don’t really get one people don’t like them see what your holiday did the season basement remodeling Milwaukee. If I look at you holiday she how to create your best friend 3 he didn’t have his best scoring season everybody still average of 17 points per game 6 it says I mean he’s a great defender playoffs games. Shooting from 3 well be still scored 50 points 9 rebounds and nine assists, it’s pretty disgusting 4 player to do that I’m in his career he’s free to play a player so nothing to worry about when it comes to his three-point shooting he should be in an all the out of the team I should look that up and be a team 2021. so basement remodeling Milwaukee. If you have any questions give us a call. Time to make your home stand out with a remodeled basement! It’ll be up to date, fresh, spacious and designed to your tastes.