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I almost one hundred percent positive that not one person could have thought 2020 was going to be just a disastrous year as far as what’s going on in the world no one could have predicted that there would have been a world wide pandemic known as covid or the corona virus at least I couldn’t have told you that this was going to happen but as it was all happening everything was at a standstill everyone was supposed to be quarantining themselves in their houses for two whole months well I can tell you first hand while I was staring at the same walls furniture décor tiles it was driving me crazy literally seeing the same four walls every single day all day for those two months everyone was supposed to be in there the first I thought of getting new furniture and doing a remodel of my whole house I was tired of seeing the same thing and back to basics builders basement remodeling milwaukee has been busy ever since the opening back up of everything so I knew I was not the only that thought of doing remodels through out the year it was all a matter of timing I was talking to one of my softball teammates the other day and also owns his own business and creates furniture and he notice the same trends in his line of work so there is this whole season that I am calling the covid remodel going into the quarantine I was loving the new look that I had in my basement where the end of the last summer going into fall I redid the flooring in the basement my dad uncle and I we cut out the carpet and put tile in this took a couple weeks due to work schedules but we cut scraped and washed the floor before we had to put tile down so it was a process that took time but at the end was worth it then come quarantine where now it is like I was sick of seeing it everyday and all day that I wanted to redo with different tile again so since quarantine back to basics builders basement remodeling milwaukee have been busy remodeling peoples homes because everyone was tired of what their house looked likes now lets get in to reasons why this happening and there are more reasons that are more in depth than people are too tired of seeing the same old living room or basement for example one particular reason is people were home all day and in a day there is twenty four hours well on a normal day a normal schedule where these same people would be going to work for nine hours of the day and then there is a drive home so lets say ten hours for work well most people sleep on average between seven and eight hours a night well that brings seventeen to eighteen hours a day where you are not paying any attention to what your house looks like now we have another eight to seven hours left in the day people run errands people eat dinner go outside hang out with family and friends and do fun activities if you have not yet realized the difference in what a normal day when covid was not happening to when it was you should have notice that people are in their living rooms and basement just staring at the four walls but the difference the time if you spend a enough time in a room every single day for weeks on end you are bound to notice things that need to be fixed to things you want changed at back to basics builders basement remodel milwaukee we make sure things are perfect before we leave and that it is exactly what you wanted I know during the quarantine I rearrange my room and basement multiple times just so I did not get bored which brings me to the next point time all throughout the two months’ time was moving on people had all the time to finally sit back and see what they have wanted to do for a long time to do a remodel of certain rooms and they could finally get enough time in the day to research and sketch draw what the envision that room back to basic builders basement remodeling milwaukee helps with every step of the to giving a free estimate to consultation and keeping the process as painless as possible because we want every transition to be seeming less we know that due to covid people want things done and that change is not always easy there are just as many stories as mine about what happen through the two months of quarantine that we all went through some people share there stories some do not like sharing personal stories with people they just meet but back to basics builders basement remodeling milwaukee love sharing the stories because all the stories end the same the family was happy of the project turned out as someone who loves listening to stories just as much as telling them there are a lot of different stories out there that all have the same outcome just different house holds across the country here in Wisconsin we have different taste than say those from the west coast or east coast but the thousands of people are going through the same process right now looking to change or even expand their homes and here in Wisconsin back to basics builders basement remodeling milwaukee does it very well as have the reviews to show we do our job well and treat the customer client like they are our family because once you hire us you are family to us and we make sure the home improvement project remodel goes as smooth as possible and make sure that you understand what is happening every step of the process so check out our website give us a call and know back to basic builders basement remodeling will help beat the covid remodel.