Okay here we go we’re just checking I think I’m going to make a Rotten Tomatoes in my download the app right now I’m just see where that’s at because I do like I do like a movie review stuff so they really don’t basement remodeling Milwaukee  have a all wait to do that I don’t know what this is but. the only thing I use it for is to see what’s playing at look the reason I like this app is because she was a list in the Rotten Tomatoes and user score you just go to the Rotten Tomatoes website that’s what I’m going to do in the go to Rotten Tomatoes rottentomatoes.com and I’m going to I’m going to make this an app I wish I knew how to do that add home screen yeah there we go I’ll add perfect so if I could do that and then I’m going to put that in Media at home screen on put this I don’t like it move it there goes put that there in the create media right.

I’m arriving so what I’m supposed to say like basement remodeling Milwaukee no so I’m going to go to that I’m to put up sign up Jose Ryan diet rich is the name that I’m going to put on there I looks kind of funny I will put the email I’m going to put my normal email password typical password that I always use for everything yeah I’m unsubscribing not a robot and I’m a create my account are you going to let me know they did this wasn’t my profile safe password on my reading history on it’s exciting we could do a let’s do a review for can you do actors like if I do Elizabeth Olsen liquid pops up all it just shows what they were in okay that’s kind of cool.

For example Soul trying to think of a movie I just watched not that long ago how do I make a review on here I’m going to let me hear is it anthems website for be basement remodeling Milwaukee honest here photos see all score details top critics at idle how to make a review on this all right if I go to what’s a The Dark Knight let me see her know I’ll do Batman Begins I really like the movie If I make a to do a there’s the rating Shake It Up 5 * I’m see awesome movie I thought I was 20 40 60 80 a hundred so it’s probably about 20 40 60 80 85 90 okay interesting I’m going to go back because that’s pretty cool I it’s I will do that I’m I don’t really know what I’m going to write personal information profile display name edits I am do my name Hunter what’s wrong with me back to count see scroll personal information all right so let’s go to Batman Begins and will write a review on that movie well there is so basement remodeling Milwaukee many ratings on that audience score if I’m going to do it anyways because cuz why not 5 if I’m going to start each one so I think that mcginn’s was like I thought I would probably give it like a 90 and then I’m probably like probably a 91 cuz there was this a couple parts that like really like okay I don’t really.

Know  see if they have see if I still have that rating the movie rating in here how they rate movies if not and they don’t but do they do have it so acting that’s a 10 characters 27 toggle 30 execution 40 Music 50 originality 60 pacing you don’t see Batman until you know late in the movie so they 68 for pacing I’m 78 special effects do 88 I’ll do 94 on this movie I’ll Do 94 out of 100 the basement remodeling Milwaukee Forgotten movie of the Dark Knight trilogy The Dark Knight trilogy I recently you watched Batman Begins forgot just how good the first remove the Dark Knight trilogy Batman Begins forgot just how good the first movie all of this series really was from the character development the character development to the for the character development All this is a good one say store Marseille sure Dark Knight kids all the praise or making the Nolan Batman trilogy it’s break up it was but don’t sleep Batman Begins just in incredible way to start off trilogy setting setting the tone for the future worthy future healthy character future incredible way to start off a Trilogy Center future of the character.

Henry watch re-watch this movie was better then I remembered end the movie fans Not Just comic book movie fans basement remodeling Milwaukee should be watching this Master P this this movie.  safety only reason it does not score as 100 out of 100 I don’t really need to sell that but there we go 94 laundry Summit what did here we have to say but need to verify your email okay I guess I worry I’ll reconfirm my email I don’t know why I have to do that I don’t get why they make me do that. What’s crazy Venmo don’t leave that trash message look up this your email has been basement remodeling Milwaukee confirmed perfect and now I can do this I guess that’s is that how we’re going to do this year what’s exciting to have a Rotten Tomatoes I don’t know why it’s taking so long to update hope it worked profile it doesn’t have any readings perfect I love how it just did that for me Jose 94 of 100 sure I’m just repeating what I said All right perfect their basement remodeling Milwaukee. The movie movie that set the tone for the future of the character on a recent re-watch all movie fans just comic book movie fans watch this film. There is now on I’m going to submit it thank you for your review on WOW all right now let’s see what happened here okay good perfect school this is my first one and I know what to expect all right Rotten Tomatoes junk that message click click move to I don’t care I just want delete it how did you go there their and then I go to move back I don’t know what’s going on anymore all right that’s driving me nuts I don’t know why it’s doing that for me. I would I just go to that trash trash thank you what time.No Break.