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Hi everyone, I am hoping everyone is enjoying this beautiful Tuesday afternoon I know I am. Right now it is almost four where I am and I can tell you I thought today was going to be another cloudy and stormy day but then out of nowhere the sun came out and shining down on us now and it even got pretty warm outside hitting the low seventies which is a nice feel from the low forties we have been getting in the mornings. But I do hope you all take the time relax and enjoy the nice weather because very soon we will not be having so nice of weather we will be in the thirties in no time it can switch like a blink of an eye here in Wisconsin. Do know basement remodeling milwaukee does take the time to enjoy the weather that we have been having. Well anyway lets get on to the topic at hand the reason you click the like to read the great basement. What is a great basement well a great basement can be many, many things to different people. The reason I say this is because everyone in the world is not the same each person has their own personality their own vision of how they would like things to go. But I do not know if you know this you are not the person that sitting on the right of you, you are not the person that is standing to the left of you, you are your own person that has different views on different aspects you might have significant other that you love but they might want something completely different than what you want. However, there are always compromises but in the grand scheme of things people do not typically have the same exact ideas of how their life is going to go. Why am I touch on this subject well because we are talking about a great basement well everyone has an idea of a great basement is but that is their own opinion on the basement. But for all our needs of remodeling a great basement look for basement remodeling milwaukee to do all of your needs because we want to make sure that the basement is a the great basement for you and your family where you can spend time with each other and create memories that will last a life time. Well I will give you what my great basement will look like at some point you first have to picture a empty twelve hundred square foot basement so pretty big but not too big you are coming down the stairs that is connected to the wall and there is nothing well it is a rectangular room and the corner behind the stairs is where the bathroom will be with the walk in tile shower that has a waterfall draining system that takes up around two hundred square feet then you have the bedroom that is right across from the bathroom that will be there for company and needs to stay over whenever. And above you is the ceiling that is a good nine feet high sprayed black because that looks amazing if you never saw go look for basement remodeling milwaukee gallery they have some amazing pictures of past clients. The egress window that you have to have will be on the same wall behind the stairs which will lead to the backyard. Next, we have an office which is right next to the bed room for all of the work I have to from home every now and then that way I have a quite place to go when I need to work. Then comes the rec area which will consist of everything that has been used down there so in the corner coming down the stairs you will have a nice mounted television to a darkish gray blueish wall with a nice carpet with a big couch that can fit multiple people on at a time then a chair a few feet next to it for spacing and then there is of course the game system for friends and family to play when they come over as well as myself then there is a bar behind the couch on the adjacent wall the is like a U shape and has snacks and drinks for when people get thirsty or hungry down there as well a nice cabinet that filled with wine and a mini refrigerator built into the cabinetry so it looks all put together then you have the mounted television in the middle to sit and watch games or television shows when eating. This is just the start then there is a pool table as well right in front of the office and behind the chair so this basement has many qualities to it with a bedroom to sleep in when company comes into town and I have an office down there to work when I am and need to get some things done, as well as it has a bathroom for people to use and entertainment area for people and myself you see this would be the great basement for me but everyone is different I would also be going to basement remodeling milwaukee to make sure this project gets done the way I would like it to get done. Basement remodeling milwaukee is great we realize that everyone is different and accept that people views and projects are going to be different and we want to help everyone create the vision the of their great basement and turn it to a reality for everyone because we love doing this kind of work it is fun and entertaining for us to do all these different project and see how they turn out at the end as well as getting to see the our client face at the end knowing we brought their great basement to a reality to create many memories.