So here today it is Friday and basement remodeling Milwaukee had a lot going on to the you know he picked up a few checks from some clients that we’re just getting done with it very happy with the other project completely done So here at basement remodeling Milwaukee there’s a lot going on like a just mentioned and we finish up some projects we got a few checks today and you know I can’t help notice there none of them were basements unfortunately we’re still working on a few basement and you know we’re going to be discussing the great basement design and telling you how exactly it can be.

So we can be going over a few different designs that we’ve done as well as a few past clients and some clients and working out currently supposed to tell you there is no great peace that design it all comes down to preferences and what you guys are client’s prefer you know it we’ve been discussing this a lot lately with her or how we do this cuz we would like to get more people to come with us and we’re understand everyone has preferences in women aren’t what they can spend but you know a lot of people don’t understand the costly it does add up very very quick when you want to do a basement will you want to add a bathroom is it okay well adding a bathroom run 20,000 you know it’s a lot of money to just add something that’s not there it comes up very quickly and we need to know exactly what’s going on self you know we’re discussing many different options.

You know one option is we can start giving you guys three options you know we’re going to discuss everything that you guys want and will be the final budgets project for that project and then you know we’ll have the more accumulated one where he will be the most basic version of a basement remodel basement remodeling milwaukee is always a lot going on and we always want to help our clients the best of the bilty as well as potential clients you know a lot of people have been telling us yeah we know our family I’m going to remodel like 10 years ago and they said it was around this much while I can tell you from 10 years ago until now which is completely different you looking 2011 you know remember that year 2011 while I was still in high school and see you know well 10 years ago the prices were a lot a lot different than they are today if everything is much much more expensive.

And it’s not due to 1% in particular in his a lot of different things you know prices are going up with copper and wood especially wood Plumbing has been going a lotas well as electrician heating ventilation air-conditioning as well you know all that stuff has been exploding upward. And fortunately you know it’s just stuff like that happens here in everywhere you don’t prices go up and down the but you know things have been kind of consistently upwards and we do have to tell her potential clients yet it’s one of the bigger things is that prices are very high for everything these days and from stone countertops to the wood that we use in your basement Self check us out basement remodeling Milwaukee and have us come and give you a free estimate let us go over project with you and see what we can help you with whether it is making a bar that is absolutely stunning and unbelievably design challenge play Queen the one we did in Menomonee Falls and it’s on our website you can check it out and you can have one like that we can make one completely new and they have Wonder yourself that’s completely you and your home family is design you know we want to help you every step of the way and let us do that by coming out for a free quote free estimate aren’t going over made from project at the weather is a bar or adding a bathroom to basement what is it is just need to finish the space and you want to do as cheap as possible we can do that to you know we help every family we can with a basement remodel.

First will basement are our passion here at the basement remodeling Milwaukee it was a lot to do here and you know things are going on with our fit everyone that we want to make sure everyone gets taken care of and we do have a lot of weeds coming in so if you want to stand quick while you give us a call today and see what you can do you know we do book up really really fast and less is not something we just say all the time but well it is we say all the time cuz we do book up play fast we do book out about a month in advance and then for projects for about a month-and-a-half in the ants after you project with us sign a contract making sure that we have everything in detail to be in a couple a week or two getting everything going and then we can start whenever our guys could do a project and go from there so come to basement remodeling Milwaukee Back to Basics Builders how us help you with a beautiful basement and we can do it for you guys here at basement remodeling Milwaukee in all the different projects all this craziness list may help you make many many memories for your family in the future and in the present is well and let’s see what we can do. You know there’s a lot that I can be done and small spaces so either if you are small project big project or medium sized project regardless give us a call.