Hey there everyone it is Friday and it is beautiful outside today I hope you guys are enjoying the weather you know it’s upper 50s right now and as soon as I get outside and have some fun with your family you know what should I be doing right now that wasn’t here talk in about some rate bathroom designs today and you know it really does come down to we hold on a second Yeah we’re going to discuss a great bathroom design stuff that we’ve seen in the past but they were working on and some not so great to science you know that’s what we were discussing today here at basement remodeling Milwaukee you know we’re very happy today it is Friday it is the day right before we have Easter weekend here coming up and you know it’s supposed to be nice all weekend long so that’s great news.

You know I’m looking forward to getting outside a little bit tomorrow and just having a good old time it is going to be a fun day tomorrow I have some stuff playing where I need to get caught up on as well as a surprise is going in for baseball and like I said it’s going to be a great old time. We do hope you have some fun things planned for Easter egg with your family as well as his activities for the weekend throwing everyone get outside enjoying the weather that we’re having hand Franklin just get out of the house a little bit you know it’s been all cooped up in your home for the last year so you know it’s time to get out enjoy the weather a little bit and have some fun with your family but it was just going for a walk or the park you know do something. do you know here at basement remodeling Milwaukee some great bathroom designs.

New York City first we wanted to give out huge shout out to Sobelmans and Dave runs it he catered to us today for our meeting and these burgers were absolutely amazing that you’re just awesome and we got some banana bread some fries and onion rings that was at the top of his tomato that is awesome sides with was coleslaw or anything like that so you know it was a pretty amazing he was able to stop by himself give us the food personally we work with Dave in the house I wanted his project actually so it’s fitting time he came out in the next to us today at work and was able to help us Vdara crew today for lunch and get together so we all get caught up throughout the week and making sure that everything is going on smoothly here at basement remodeling milwaukee and what we can do better for the next week how so you guys haven’t checked them out give him a shout out as well as check them out there many locations and you know just go and see them you know they have a great food great drinks Personnel is always great there and you know you can’t go wrong with going to Sobelmans if you’re going to go out to eat you know that place is open to the public and it’s has outside seating and it’s very very nice.

So but anyway some great bathroom designs you do first while I keep going back to one of ours this was subway tile Lowe’s is completely unbelievable you in about this next project they were going to be working on isn’t this beautiful area poems beautiful old style home and it just looks absolutely amazing and you can only do so much to it but you know we go downstairs we’re talkin to the husband and we’re discussing options that we can do here and he wants to keep this nice boot veneer brick Style Cream City brick that you would see in Milwaukee as well as older buildings in general but you know it was just something that we are discussing and all we could do but you know eventually we should not forget what we could do as we ask or basement remodeling milwaukee what we could do is give us some examples samples would be pretty amazing not going to lie they ever look very nice very old style and it would just look phenomenal if we get this project done and get it going so we do really hope that they event he eventually does go with us and we would be very very happy with it because you know you just turn out absolutely amazing.

He was basement but you know there’s a lot of things I can go with it and things that he wants done to it as well as a bathroom and the bad thing is going to be amazing as well what’s a stand up shower tile to shower and then I can be able to actual shower down there down the stairs so we would have to customize and make sure has a shower pan and shower the surround to it so so we’re looking forward to going with this proposal getting it Don ganh to the homeowner so we can get going on this project we do wish it he would go with us and because like I said it would be amazing projects have some before pictures and some after it would really show the different tile style that we would have and can do here at basement remodeling Milwaukee because you know here at basement remodeling Milwaukee we have done so many different things that we can help any clients that what they want to do and you know I was he comes down to money if they have the money to do it or not but you know any design for if you not what you want to spend as much money as he wants we can do it and we do hope we get more clients at 1 to do that kind of stuff cuz it would be a very beautiful home to work on