Testing one two there we go why do you not work half the time is stupid headset you know I’m just sitting here trying to get some ncos typed out here for basement remodeling Milwaukee area and go over the green tile that we saw a couple weeks ago and it was outrageously funny but we had to hold our last night because you know we don’t have to be rude to a client on me but you know you is quite ridiculous I was going to try to get rid of it and you know unfortunately that’s how things go.

So I hope everyone is having a fantastic Thursday afternoon today and enjoying the beautiful Sun out and it’s out and enjoying the nice weather we’re having you know I sure a lot of people are because you know what people are at baseball games today is opening day for almost everyone I’m a few games like to get canceled due to if you do different reasons I won and seconds from covid issues but you know they’re going to be resolved and get back into it tomorrow as everyone’s hoping and that’s what the news is reporting but you know it’s quite interesting to see baseball aluminum and having a full season is going to be a very fun summer for a lot of people and you know we just hope they enjoy the nice season of baseball you know it’s finally here spring is finally about us and you know summer’s just around the corner,.

However you know I was watching some highlights of a few different things today with some of the few home runs ever hit by Miguel Cabrera hit one and it was snowing outside how you know it was quite interesting to see if the snow is about and they’re playing through the snow is amazing that’s always brings back some memories for you know here if we can be discussing some green tile for the rest of the project here. You know basement remodeling Milwaukee we’re very big on a lot of different things Maino here we are actually talked about the green tile any other differences and it you know it was funny cuz it wasn’t really funny it was just it looked very unique and very different from everything else what’s a bright green it was summer darker green and had a little design to it as well as you know there were different shades of it throughout the area so we kind of gave him an accent to 1y was not very well accident and it did not really have a good color to Ivory the match everything to make it quicker with each other that’s what we discussed in your it was quite interesting. You know you know some people really like the color green and that’s okay for them to have the color green as a favorite color and you know if they want to put in their bathroom go for it’s their bathroom basement remodeling Milwaukee and we’re going over Lottery from projects being with you tell if you have got a bathroom and completely got it.

You want to keep the tile it’s going to be a little hard you know cuz that’s the whole point of getting a bathroom from down to the studs basement remodeling milwaukee which is what you asked for and keeping the tile it’s that color you know you better off going to find a new type of tile that you would like that’s the same color or the same area and see if you can match it to what you would want cuz you know if you destroy a bathroom you trying to demo it down to the studs so you can redo the walls for you the soffits I redo the shower and everything it doesn’t go very well when you are trying to keep some of the stuff in it. you know we do here at base Ramada Milwaukee would you give you as the option of doubling yourself does save a little bit money in the long run but you know what just take quite a bit of time to demo everything depending on what kind of project were looking at you know if the basement of a completely finished basement and you undo the devil well it’s going to take you probably a couple days and then you don’t have a place to put it.

Have to find a dumpster and you know he rats basement remodeling walk we do Supply you with a dumpster so that we don’t know everything that he goes right into the dumpster so you haven’t checked us out here at Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee check us out for a free estimate let us come help you find the perfect design that goes best with your size bathroom and what you want for your bathroom or even basement you know we love doing basements with you have a passion for the basements here at basement remodeling Milwaukee and you know it’s just this one time to do a basement with special even open canvas and it’s a huge idea to have a huge budget you know it’s going to be a fun project to look for and we always look for me we do hope we get one very soon at least another one very soon we are working on one in the works right now and you know it’s one of the times were here in a little bit more than the next project over not saying we don’t enjoy or have a basement remodeling milwaukee passion for any other projects were doing so we do but you know we do love basement so we do love making sure that the family comes out with many more memories if they can spend with their family and they have a place to do it so but it’s a bar in the basement or adding a movie theaters we do it all so give us a call.