Testing one two testing one two hope everyone’s having a great and fantastic Tuesday on this cold March day Are you tired today still tired today you got more I see I was done all done. Then you could you borrow these get the extra $25 what do you have to do tomorrow I did make dream 100 calls today for the first time in a while or is that the am I thinking I’m timesheets I think we thinking of transferring it over to the time for the pay schedule stuff different tonight I have you what do you have to do on that oh cuz I’m Tarzan formulas there I put it all in the right thing cuz I guess I’ll be gone for part of the day tomorrow to go to drop offs 3 hour realtors that we’ve been talkin to basement remodeling milwaukee.

I’m here everyday the only one I have an appointment is this day initially how many more doctors appointments in a while I’ll get my prescription refill then as well as find out everything if I need to do anything else take anything else stuff is going to be sorted out I’ll find out if my kidney is good though she was really high this for stuff that was in the kidney want to retake the test closed due to some of the stuff I took for a workouts baseball and yeah I’ll stop taking it haven’t taken at sense but if my B12 was really low as well I bet it is I bet it is I’m not looking forward to it good enough until he got his meeting go yeah hopefully I don’t have to do that Seafood seafood and on all nuts which sucks because a lot of those Foods is like really good for you and I was never able to have that sell side of making up some other way had it once I never had Seafood I’ve had shrimp that’s how they found out that was allergic and then if I was allergic to peanuts and the funny thing is I wasn’t born with that either that’s the stuff that group that used to eat those where are they going to call those basement remodeling milwaukee Alpha will chocolate set things in the middle like like Oreos but I like the Alphonse I grant you the fudge cookies but yeah I tried the peanut butter ones I used to have them and then I was breaking out in hives one day after all and then they found out I was allergic to peanut butter tonight I have that stuff anymore it’s gone that sucks that sound awful it’s all so awful Waze app what’s up and then his face what happened and then my mom are you doing really alone you better home but what you watched it so you watch basement remodeling milwaukee the movie while you’re doing a gunfight Romeo and Juliet my mom was like I work so I can’t go meet with your teacher I suck it up yeah is this your charger there you go yeah we still in style.

Don’t ever even talked about the guest house and a different styles and different unique ones that we’ve seen Talk why don’t we do that you’re very morning for people that have a lot of family and have them come visit from out-of-state you know just one of those things where they’re coming more popular popular basement remodeling milwaukee these days and making sure that there’s no phone for your family you know there’s quite beautiful ones that used to be seen of course weather Racine to sew the first while we were talking this one day it’s very small and has like a more V Barn type to its I guess you could say not Barn. it has a double swing door to go into it where you push the door and open say that you have factual room itself worthy of a nice little bed in the corner and I were a couple lights for reading stuff options at TV Odyssey going to somebody that goes into the house so you have to take care of a TV in there be another just something that we see is very cool that place in white looks like a barn but has the sighting of the red barn but different styles to it.

Okay have a good night Vado I has a nice a red-shouldered shutters to it’s as well as a nice old style phone red fighting for a painting over the deck type of thing the Pavilion I guess you can say Fields is one you know we have a couple other ones we can go over you like this other one that’s rainfall that beside the pool from the house so you know how she look straight at it and the pool is right between it has a nice bar in there as well as a TV so so nice couch where you can lay in that has an idea where you can close the word if it’s raining so you at least have something to keep you from getting wet and Nae Nae as well as other things you don’t hear.

Basement remodeling Milwaukee we seen a lot of things these days in a lot of things people want to add to their house and get dishes and stuff and we will see in it all the different options that we have to help our clients and potential clients with their dream houses dream home to create Unforgettable experiences for them and you know if we do this year at basement remodeling Milwaukee every single day because you’re our clients are getting the communication between each other and making sure that we’re answering any unanswered questions they have making sure that they understand what’s going on throughout the process let him know what our crews going to be there throughout the day or throughout the week and making sure they know once a contractor’s Ocoee skip basement remodeling Milwaukee to call and let us help you the next remodeling project.