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Hello There! It is a great day basement remodeling Milwaukee today. The sun is out everything is going great today. And to top it off it is Friday. I hope everyone is have as good of a day as I am. I am enjoying today so much it is almost the weekend and its going to be a good weekend, and I am looking forward to it. I hope everyone does have a great rest of the day but we are here to discuss something that has been on everyone’s new years resolutions at some point in time, working out getting to the gym so many times during the week well with everything that has happen this year it made it really hard to get to the gym for a few months due to the corona virus with everything being shutdown and all people were not able to work out and follow through on that new years resolution this year, however with that beings said what some of the dedicated people that were looking to keep their new years resolution on track they were looking for home gyms. Now basement remodeling milwaukee has done a lot of remodeling over the years and have done a lot of basement rooms that get set up to be the home gym for that family. Regardless if you work out or this will be talking and expressing the different ideas that can put in home gyms. Basement remodeling milwaukee has plenty of experience doing home gyms and would love to help anyone that is looking to create one. So, to start home gyms can be put anywhere in the house it does not require a certain spot but it does have to have you approval where it goes. The real popular area people put their home gyms fall in these area basement, garage or somewhere near the back of the house where you can have a few of the outdoors which is always nice to have a view. Now, the gyms that require membership’s always have nice hard but a padded floor, so nothing breaks or when on the ground stretching or other exercises it is not so hard on your body. Well that not all let me paint you a picture of a what could be done so this room sits in the corner of the house it has an over hang door that can be shut or open depending on if you want to have open or shut. Next it leads out the patio area where there is a fire pit and chairs to sit on. In the room itself it is as big as a ten by ten so a decent size, now in this room they have their dumbbells, bench, a squat rack that has multiple purposes and a rower. Those are the equipment that is in the room, However what that is all sitting on is a padded black floor that and material that allows people not to feel the hard floor but this is only for some people not everyone has this kind of floor other do have a hardwood floor or even just concrete. We are not done painting the picture of the room yet, then you have the wall that is made out of wood which is just a really big barndoor that leads to the living room, then the next wall is a full glass window that you see the rest of the back yard, and there is a television mounted to the glass wall . Then the wall the runs parallel to the over hang door has a shelving as a door that leads the storage closet with more exercise equipment as well as sports equipment for obvious reasons this is an extravagant and top of the line home gym you can have some people believe that is what they need to stay healthy for all better to them. Well some people can not afford that much stuff in to a home gym but basement remodeling helps with the large and the small because we understand everyone has a different budget and have other priorities in their life but some can throw more money in to it than others. But lets give you example of a less extravagant one but is really nice and all it is a room with there machines in it. This one is in the basement near the recreation room where the Television sits and everyone goes to watch family movies or watch the sports games, this room is eight by eight and have a cardio machine and bench and dumbbell rack in it with a small television in the corner to add a distraction of running or long walk, but the walls are all the same it is drywall with a tannish color coat to it does have in one corner a shelve area to sit your phone and water. The floor on the other have is a concrete with black finish that has matts to it to help out all the weight that the equipment does not scratch or ruin the floor with all the material that is being used on the equipment. So, you see home gyms are not that big of a deal it can be very simple in fact but basement remodeling milwaukee wanted to discuss them because I was thinking about how close it is to the new year and then new years resolution came to my mind and the number one new years resolution is getting to the gym more and working out. What better way to do so than creating your own home gym to help you not have to worry about driving to the gym and spending the time to get there where you can just go home and take forty five minutes of your time working out instead of driving back and fourth so if the home gym is for you give us basement remodeling milwaukee a call and let us help you create that home gym to keep those new year resolutions going for the next year.