Hello once again we are here at basement remodeling Milwaukee and we will be discussing a lot of different ideas today and you know first I want to hope everyone is having a great and fantastic Thursday afternoon it’s just about 4 today and you know the sun is still out and it’s decent out you know it’s still windy really windy today and fortunately it’s still a little bit chilly. Cuz I can back up to the 60 degree weather we had over the weekend but you know today is the day you know one more day until it’s Friday and then it’s the weekend and I hope everyone has a fantastic I hope you all stay safe and I got home okay do you know you’re a basement remodeling Milwaukee with you have a passion for our clients as well as passion for the basements that we do as well as all the work that we have done but today we’re going to discuss some options for basements because it is our passion.

And a lot of things that people don’t realize that it’s why don’t work goes into basements and I was some things go on planned and it’s not doesn’t turn out the best that’s why we help our clients create a plan and we take it affect and make sure it’s taking it into effect that we do every detail that goes in the biscuits are not as easy as everyone thinks and a lot go into them. The first it’s the demo we doubled the basements for the fact that matter is that we can’t work with unless it’s an empty canvas we have to make sure it’s an empty canvas before we can start working as well as see what we get what we have to work with we do have to see the whole basement to make sure that there’s nothing on that we did not plan for all we can make sure that all the things that are there that are going.

According to plans you know for example you’re one of the things that we needed that we were because it’s not always needed some basements is waterproofing I’m some people buy houses and they tell us that they were told that from previous owners but in regards it does flood so that means changing part of the project making sure that we account for that and make sure we fix it so it they don’t have funny when it comes time for spring or fall call the big rains every you get once a couple of times a year check it’s a lot goes into it but you know what regardless we have a passion for making the best basement remodeling Milwaukee with possible and you know we just warm it award for one of the bases we did last year and that was one of the bigger projects that are from making this beautiful bar from a U-shaped and it was a stacked stone on the backsplash as well as the face of the bar so it turned out absolutely amazing with this beautiful dark stone that we used for the countertop and look at Macy’s you know of one of our pride and joys is that basement remodeling Milwaukee and we use it for our backgrounds are bigger.

Bigger project but are proposals for make some people see it as well as it is on our designs I guess you can say from one sheet that we give our clients to our folders out of his part of our business because you know we are proud of it and people see that and see well that’s an amazing job we just get lots of compliments on that basement and basement remodeling Milwaukee are very happy for that because you know it is one of the bigger projects we’ve done it were very happy that we won the award. Basements are not easy like I keep mentioning it’s a lot of work that goes into a you know especially if you’re a big bass me and I make sure your framing to make sure yet it’s insulated using the right type of wood and we do it all we make sure that it’s all taken care of for you we just need decisions I what type of flooring you would like what type of rooms you would like if you want a real what you spawn a big open space for a family area where you can put arcade games like Ping Pong or pool or darts or something like that around the lines or do you want to add a bar to it you know we love doing bars as well obviously with our big remodeling project that we want to ride with me to the bar and it turned out absolutely amazing or owner Joe is also done a bar in his own basement and it turned out fantastic as well and we doing different styles to.

Like I said the one that we did is a stacked stone on the backsplash as well as the face of the bar and it’s a tiling jobs or Tyler has done a fantastic job with it as well you know you should check it out if you haven’t looked at it yet Because you know that there’s a lot more work that’s been on there that just the award-winning or some other great and fantastic projects that we have done there as well I just like to match the one that we want is one of the most recent projects we’ve done and we’ve won the award already with it which is fantastic and we hope you all take a look at our website and ask for a free copious we have a passion for the basements and we want to help you create an unforgettable experience with a basement and while you can create new memories there is well with your family and have a great holidays down there as well so give basement remodeling Milwaukee a call.