Have a great and fantastic day today. Hope everyone enjoys their beautiful beautiful quality Tuesday that I even hate to see that but it is cloudy you was kind of nice out earlier than you know the sun was out for part of the day beautiful how you know how it is with this really nice seeing the Sun out but you do not working in the spring and working those cloudy rainy days instead of those nice Sunshine’s are most of the weekends which is fine. I’ll take the sunshine on the weekends only the range of the week you know your basement remodeling Milwaukee we do everything.

It’s rain or shine well shine or rain do we make sure that we get all the jobs down and get everything going for our clients You know you’re a piece of me by the Milwaukee we have to do it all you no longer be discussing something that said don’t discuss the word and talk with the numbers cuz numbers don’t lie you know real recently we had a huge sprout in the morning meet so we get and we are very happy with that because for some of the leads means more people that we see she’s more chances of selling I want to work on a check stub we love to work for anyone you know and make sure that they’d have a beautiful beautiful basement or bathroom kitchen and how it turns out we want to be a part of that but you know numbers make sure that we do what our clients help with numbers are very expensive because they’re not cheap that’s not something you can just go out and get a huge base and remodel for under $10,000 and sister it’s really about more than that. lyric a lot of calls asking for school projects and we have to turn them down because we were very busy with the bigger projects and things a sequel Kate you squeeze us and we can squeeze you in because we’re only working on all the projects what was the score of the project which will get it done faster but I thought that’s a handyman job we are completely Remodeling Company and we make sure here at this basement remodeling Milwaukee our clients we’ve done and make sure that working on first get done first.

Cuz you’re a piece. I’m lucky we do have a very high integrity we make sure we are honest with her clients Elizabeth people that come into our doors and people are on the phone with Kelly know exactly what it is you do some projects it is unreasonable and fortunately that’s how it is you know some people want us to mass of things which is great do you want me to look like why can just sit here and do ico’s on all day Galaxy color I can get caught up but then the rest of week ago do you all the proposals I talked to Sarah as well live I hear a PS4 remotely Milwaukee we have a lot going on and you know today was one of those bigger days where we everything was just running around with her that’s cut off sometimes but you know we do get most of it and make sure that everything gets done properly and taking care of to the best of our ability you know sometimes it just happens we’re down a man due to being sick or having a baby has happened and we can’t help it and so we just have to continue to work on and keep going here at basement remodeling Milwaukee.

Best job but we can possibly can do it you know our quality of our work is very high you don’t see many basements or anything like that with a higher quality than the work or are we are a part of the draft and ship that we work on every single day for our clients to the workers that work on it sites but you’re not here at basement remodeling Milwaukee last thing Vino here we make sure our clients are game done everything left from the paint that we tell them to that we’re going to get it done that day and sometimes it does happen where you know the numbers just don’t add up and we would have to get back to them today you know sorry we weren’t able to get there until until alarm later today but you know we will be there in the morning to make sure that we get all the work done that we’re supposed to get done the day before gets on that day horse that stuff does happen cuz you know something just get put out out there in the middle of nowhere we are just seeing things But you don’t hear Bass River Valley Market has a lot of exciting things are going on you know we make sure that our country and probably just getting done on time and what do they are which is worth finishing with you this week and we’re very happy that to be done.

That were and get out of there were in a rush to get the job done is that where is looking forward to seeing the basement remodeling Milwaukee before and after picture so we can have more work ain’t done as well as more photos of our clients and potential clients to see you know that’s one of the bigger things that we have here at basement remodeling Milwaukee is our website and our website has all the before pictures of our / client see you show you the guys that we work with the clients as basement and bathrooms that we’ve done and you can see that many different things that you just add to our ability that we can do the job right with high quality inn without dropping the price or a high in making the price higher you know we make sure we have affordable rates as well so get be supremely basement remodeling Milwaukee Milwaukee a call.