Hello everyone hope everyone is having a great day today and it didn’t join the sun that’s out the nice little breeze that’s coming in and just enjoy being outside with his beautiful weather that we are having having piano basement remodeling Milwaukee we enjoy all the weather it always watch the week and would you prefer spring summer and fall during the warmer times of those months I was his Summers always warm but spring the warmer spring days that warmer fall days because the cold really does not go well and we do not like it.

You know today we will be discussing what’s up with that you’ve discussed previously in the past at some point not completely touch the topics of anything.But today when we discussed in the passion for remodels and you know here at basement remodeling Milwaukee we do have the passion for me whilst you know we come to work every day and we look forward to our next big client Ibex big project because we want to help everyone have a huge and loving memories with their family you know we do like the big projects who doesn’t there’s load more things we can do that saying that the small projects don’t matter at all but you know the what I was saying is basement remodeling Milwaukee just excited as a little bit more so we are equally as passionate about each of the project as the X and basements in particular and kitchens and bathrooms we also do it’s just helping the families create many more memories in the future so let’s talk with some of the projects that we’ve done.

So first and we just got done with a beautiful kitchen and that we just got while I was his beautiful now it wasn’t quite as open it was quite cramped in the kitchen before I am it was a decent kitchen for the house and it was nice it was a more closed-off area I guess it wasn’t very efficient when you were being in the kitchen and trying to work and now we’ve opened it up we’ve got a nice beautiful new countertop for them a kind of a bar top area sit and talk while they’re cooking hard to talk right now are you acting up like crazy the allergens that sucker now we did just get back from a house and you know it just had a few cats and I can tell you it has been killing me trying to breathe through my nose and just at all you know it’s just one of those things were you forget to take allergy medicine when you go to a Hobart everything that you are allergic to is there so but anyway the kitchen it was it was still really nice like I said but they didn’t like get the that was boring they wanted a little more exciting and little more different way out to the kitchen and so they went with us and we got this beautiful new countertop for that it looks fantastic with a backflush web of the stove as well as on the wall and it keep saying it looks fantastic is understatement it looks beautiful it looks amazing and it goes really well with the rest of the house as well and which is what they wore that you know they do have any kind of a unique taste I’m not saying that it’s like weird or Jaden is just more of the what’s the word I’m looking for sacrifice in the old but not completely new south of modern but you know it’s that kind of look they’re going for and you know we hit on the market as well as the whole house is hit it completely at it it just looks fantastic everything is going to hear it with everything and you know it just goes the other perfectly. You know that another project here at basement remodeling Milwaukee.

We’re finishing up these two retro style bathrooms you know and I say retro-style thinking of the 70s the 80s you know that type of bathroom you’re looking at and that’s what this is you know they had a bath in that it was a blue tile and then they had a pink tile bathroom for the other ones they are two bathrooms that we are working on and they’re very unique they had subway tile go up to halfway up the wall and it was the rest with painted pink and the same thing goes for the ugly tile subway tile around the bathroom and the child’s two showers as well and from what it started to what it is now is fantastic it actually turned out amazing regardless of what you think of retro style it it’s very unique and very different from other people’s houses and that’s what they were going for me I’ll eat some people just don’t want to be the same as other people anymore and you know and we do have a kind of a general idea of how to make things here what I mean by that is that we have a general way of formatting paint and design you know if you want a little bit more differently that’s where the estimate comes in we talked to you and we come up with it that way other than that you get what we could do for you and what the cheapest possible but you know what our work is this sexy by any means we do fantastic work we have a very high quality.

You know if you check Ro website It Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee to see all the work that we have darling completed for our clients and you can see that it is finished fantastic work and all of our clients are very happy there’s a lot of testimonials on the website as well so give basement remodeling Milwaukee a call let us help you with your next remodel because we have the passion for every remodel.