Hello good morning and happy Friday. Today I feel like it’s going to be a great day just like every other day basement remodeling Milwaukee. Just because I mean the sun’s out and Shining it’s not like it’s a gloomy day outside and I feel like that just makes for a perfect start to a great weekend. Yeah so as of right now tonight I will be seeing my old roommate. I have not seen her in quite some time so I’m pretty excited to see her. Not sure if we’re going to get dinner or go shopping or what we’re going to do. I really kind of want to want to take a new movie Just because Mason doesn’t really love watching movies and so that was kind of like I’m a nice thing. But we would live together like are running to the store so I’m and I since we live together and she like movies just as much as I did her and I would like watch a movie like every night. Like we would stay up till like midnight or they go on and just watching movies with because like something I would just like doing the other basement remodeling Milwaukee.

So I’m hoping that maybe she wants to do that. Check 6 rolls. I just have to check to see what we had for lunch. We had only six rolls. So I feel like we probably need more like bread I think you definitely have enough lunch me we have like I 2 and 1/2 like Father’s Day for 5 containers and most of them were pretty full I would say so that I feel like we’re set on cuz I add maybe six containers to last time. So I think that I think we are going on. And then there’s a little bit of cheese and there was like mayo and what not. So I think leave the only thing that cuz they’re texting me asking me if there’s anything else we need it for lunch today. I think that the only thing that she will need to get his like lettuce and tomato or something like that because a lot of people like like veggie options to put on there. I think that that was it because you were pretty stocked up on that stuff.She said that she was running to the store this morning so if there’s anything else we needed for lunch today that just to let her know that she was going grab it. Before she gets to the office. That just leaves a trip for somebody else later. Go to super nice consider this article are we talking about finding a good for you basement remodeling Milwaukee.

I did a good job I really love you have like a house in like a really pretty setting that like you capture the view really good. Tuxedo dress code said I feel like the best deal you can find is like the view over a lake. My grandparents have a couple cabins on the lake up in up in northern Wisconsin. The one that’s closest to the lake has a hugely just cute window overlooking the lake. There isn’t like any framing and everything just that you can get like a super quick you look up the lake. And I think that was really sparked when they put that one to win just because like they’re really capturing his leg.

Okay these are going to go pretty fast going to try and type up as much as I can in the next few minutes while I have the office no mail today just because then I feel like I got a lot done before here cut the top little bit louder a little bit faster than I don’t have to worry about other people. And I think that really helps me out and I want to get about 6 time today because I don’t like all the 30 again today which we all since next week I’ll be gone next Friday so I’m hoping it still get like $25 next week but in the off chance that I don’t this over the help me out and then I know that I’m Ryan had a lot of stuff to do this week. He wasn’t able to get 25 probably so by me getting 30 and him still getting just as 20 that will still have to go 50. And I’ll tell her that just is the goal is just to get the 50 I think. We have somewhere to go back to talking with you basement remodeling Milwaukee.

I feel like it really depends on where you’re living. I feel like the best views in my opinion definitely like the use or like some sort of 4 see if you. Again also I really do like the look of the ocean in the view of the ocean but I just feel like I can all by myself live at the by the ocean for the rest of my life basement remodeling Milwaukee. Feel like it’s Berry the same thing everyday like water water water way way way of Saint Saint Saint. You know what I mean like I just like to it that would be really old and I really liked the look of like the forest in the trees and I feel like you’re always seem different animals and again people who live by the ocean pie would say that that is is like ice repetitive. And I I disagree but that is just my own personal opinion. Oh my gosh I just saw it and do you think this person really just like didn’t respond to the ad like I sent this to them on July 16th and never responded and now they just responded a saying reschedule. I’m not even going to respond to that like if you can’t even give me a full sentence like you’re not worth rescheduling. Like respect my time as well. I will respect your time basement remodeling Milwaukee.