Architecture photography 173 and fantastic day today basement remodeling Milwaukee how did you get architecture architecture okay, welcome everyone we hope everyone is having a great and wonderful Tuesday and are enjoying the beautiful weather we are having. Expensive remodeling Milwaukee room discussing how many different things I can we go over a lot of different things here and you don’t want them to see me themed bathrooms  that one of our clients are having a theme bathroom, it’s going to be worth your style you were actually almost done with the project and we’re very happy with it cuz turn on fantastic but you know you do see things like this very often and how many times do you know you’re happy to answer basement remodeling Milwaukee witi make sure our clients get exactly what they want.

That’s what I was doing So here basement remodeling Milwaukee we are working on the eat retro-styled bathroom next to the theme is more strongly on their whole house is based on what true it’s pretty unique is pretty different fathers of client of ours have done for their homes in different phone went to work on it doesn’t mean that we can’t do it either clients have quite a bit of style and uniqueness to them and they bring out the best of our work to we do our work is to turn out fantastic there with the two different style bathrooms do you see that a iPhone can choose a different themed bathroom but you know this is a completely completely different kind of thing you know going back to the seventies and eighties in two different styles of bathroom that would help creating more so for my different ones that we don’t live with Warcraft. But you know cheer up basement remodeling Milwaukee we don’t judge you based on what kind you want to or not.

They also have the Retro Style Kitchen as well and it’s very easy, so you know it’s not the same as everything else is in the house it’s right the friend you need You know he rap decent remodeling Milwaukee would you allowed to work every single day were at people’s houses at home hope you have a great day Unforgettable experience and so they can have it on for you to work streams later on in life with her do you repot a poems and to help them with the different styles of that they want to bring up rich people have a difference type of style you do East Baton Rouge difference close You know it doesn’t matter what type of style you have helped you create it and make the most of it you know who you want to see every design as possible in a we just got done with an estimate for a another bathroom movie master bathroom is very unique if you have a shower in the house going to have a tub and probably between the top of the shower there’s going to be a half wall with a class that can separates the rest of it that way you know basement remodeling Milwaukee you have a tub of Nutella or a shower it’s very unique and very interesting you know it’s not so much is 2 BC everyday these days you know that’s what you wanted to be your PS4 Remote can you want to work on the unique you want to work on beautiful basements open canvas basements and go through a lot of the work with that you guys helped create many more examples of things you can do without creating more idea of different Visions visions that people have about their basements.

Yeah I’m just sitting here thinking about the Retro style \ to the how many to pop each of the basements the bathrooms and the different styles of which seemed and done in the past and it’s going to be very different from what we’ve normally work on and I’m glad that was part of it Beyond the Sea the difference from start to finish and how the bathrooms look We should take a look at our website and see all of the different styles and different things you love them with their basement and how well we’ve done the work you’re working looks amazingly fantastic and a lot of great stuff in from basement kitchens bathrooms whatever it is and then we do it all here at basement remodeling Milwaukee when we return to work is done properly get done correctly you know yesterday we went to a guy who just want to do the electrical work and he was a master electrician we actually had turned down for the fact about it is that we can’t have something that’s not working with a master electrician doing electrical work cuz he know it just does not work you can do it a little wiring for his video games the stuff we would love to do that but that’s about it you know we here we make sure everything is done correctly and done properly and we make sure that it is coming with the top quality in top craftsmanship there is.

But you don’t hear this my mother more could you got free estimates when you take a look at our website ask for a quote from us and let us come out there and help you decide what kind of style bathroom do you want what do you want do you want to have a thin bathroom do you want everything basement what even a clean catch and you know that’s totally up to you and we will make sure that our clients get the best word from us a making sure that it is up to the standards have their there they’re make sure that it is the top quality out there we want to be the best basement remodeling in the southeastern Wisconsin you know that’s why we’re looking for us here at basement remodeling Milwaukee work to be the best holiday. And we only want the best for our clients as well to give us a call.