American when everyone’s having a great and fantastic day today you’re at basement remodeling Milwaukee we have a lot going on and it’s only Tuesday and we do hope everyone had a great engine sick weekend this past weekend you know is quite beautiful. Both days so he should have got outside and enjoy the beautiful weather that we had we had a free tablet sideways from Teen Titans baseball practice on Saturday and then on Sunday we had a fundraiser and everything was kind of just fun this weekend was it really relaxing a little hectic we know that’s okay to have every now and then. We are at basement remodeling Milwaukee just want to discuss a lot to talk about you no first off when I was talking about the remote. I’m the reason for that is why everything nowadays being worth a try likely.

On your phone’s really discussing the difference and stuff like that. What’s recently in the last 20 years you have has a lot of technology advancements and it’s been growing every year to the date you know you look at the last five years with a different technology have it in your cars and in the homes as well which is what we’re getting going with this you know but you know it’s the technology is just so much since the years I was born in 1990s and then you look at the year 2021 right now and you see that for your not using more computers were using cell phones rated phones that just fit in our pockets and we have remotes that ugly turn everything on in the house. That’s what we’re going with this today is hard a lot more than just making walls and putting flooring pouring down a lot more of that’s what I said.

But I know there’s a lot of things that go on hand from remodels where everything is becoming more of technology sound.  and like I said you do you see everything that’s grown you have computers that was just run fast if you have computers there a smaller its while I and the fact matter is that you can write on a computer how do you turn off lights you can turn on TV I can change the channels you can turn on the fire watches and I feel like that and you know it’s pretty amazing cuz you don’t listen to Just unique and different self-driving cars right now and those are pretty nice pretty different pretty unique.  but you know there’s a lot that goes into these projects and the O’Hare basement remodeling Milwaukee we do have a courtesy of letting you guys decide to you want this basement to be all the sounds you wanted to have sparked whole what capabilities which is in the heart and it does cost a little bit more extra money do you have the lights you all the projector’s for a movie theater on the lights above the Barre possibly you know here at basement remodeling Milwaukee you’ve done quite a bit of bars and we’ve thought that you look fantastic in the world on one of them just recently and we’re very proud and happy of that award the basement turned out fantastic and the bar topped it off.

Now this is a stone to stack full stack stone tiling job and you know what did the backsplash with Stacks Tony we have to do the face of the bar with a stacked stone and it just turned out amazing you know we have some LED lighting underneath with the fur collar stuck in the light up the room a little bit and then show different example example but show off a different texture and color when you’re at the bar he like to change it to ride this blue versus regular light to you know that he would show off diffraction see what we could do there are a lot of great opportunities to help your home become more technologically sound you know here at basement remodeling Milwaukee if I do a lot of houses on face with kitchens bathrooms are we have to update everything anyway so this would just be part of the pricing and that’s going into your home and just discussing you want to revolve around this you know it’s a very unique feature. You know that’s what we talked about cuz everything’s off your fingers this day so you know what your stuff click of away is Click of a button away and you know here bitching remind them or if you know that better than everyone you know we do a lot of work, computers are every single day from SEO is to just our lead generation just making sure that we are getting off late coming in so we can we call them and get appointment set up. Basement remodeling Milwaukee there was a client of ours that just recently finished a project going to turn down a fantastic and they have quite new lighting and technology in their basement where they put down on their own what does Cecily.

Me know it was just left 4 dead tastic why don’t we take pictures and got everything taken care of from the final day that we work they’re the final payment it was fantastic in here basement remodeling Milwaukee what all of our clients to have a fantastic Journey with us were a woman from start to finish we want to make sure it’s on for you to work in a good way obviously and make sure that you guys have a great time knowing that this basement bathroom kitchen whenever you needed project it is I can turn out fantastic and amazing when you can spend more and more time with your family and friends and to show it off you know what’s your home and you going to enjoy the time that you have any family there are a great many more memories with friends or family that’s what makes it Basement remodeling Milwaukee enjoys.