Welcome back everyone’s having a great and fantastic day I was going to jump right in here at basement remodeling Milwaukee and bring its new on the ideal vintage today and when discussing out the remodel itself but the details are going to East how I talked a lot about how we help our clients make sure that is very particular about remodels and this one is very particular. So when it comes to many miles I have a morphine to them a lot more goes into the process of creating a remodel and pretty needs a does and everything like that so we were very closely with the owners to make sure that is exactly what they want one before we start the interior side of things you know we kind of dismantled the rooms a bit before we can get started anyway what I mean by this is that we go through the demo first and then we make sure that work after the is going to talk to her clients and the owners about exactly what it’s going to take place here at basement remodeling Milwaukee.

Now the reason why we do this is for many reasons first reason is make sure we’re on the same page and we don’t want to order something that once so we are double-checking triple checking that this is exactly what we’re looking at and is exactly what we’re wanting for this project because when it comes to Vintage details in a project are vintage be different than your vintage you know so we want to make sure that you guys are picking up everything correctly and I were picking it up picking it up the one that you want and basement remodeling Milwaukee Tails a lot of communication throughout the process going back and forth setting up meetings with our clients basement remodeling Milwaukee  just to make sure that everything is going well and taking care of.

For example for in top of the tile little bit you know they wanted to take off and on tiles will you you okay well we need to know exactly what you’re looking at so we can let our tile guy know exactly what’s going on that’s what they want and your tile might not work very properly if but our time that would not have known that it beforehand because he didn’t have it all these are the kind of detail the Navy taking place so that he can take a look at what’s going on throughout the process so he knows exactly what he needs to do to make sure it turns out well and turns out great meeting measuring the length of each one making sure that you think it’s going to turn out great you know you can always do it again but you know I was going to cost us more money if it’s screwed up.

Because because of you is the fact that you basement remodeling Milwaukee  know if you pick something out wrong and then we had to go ahead and install it while now we are trying to get rid of that by destroying a little bit and get you that it turns out great again so we have to patch up what we did to get rid of it and then that cost more work more materials and things going wrong so that’s why these details that were talking about are very important for our project project like this. And we do this for a while because you know we handle this project extremely well I should say it and like I said I think they turned out a great and amazing Lee that’s very unique very different from what we normally do I’m not saying that we can’t handle it normally but we don’t ask why we’ve no one’s asked was for certain types of themes or a vintage type of project.

You know we get asked a lot about different types of bars like you’re an old-timer bar where it has a copper piping in a lock to it that holds up the bar which is very unique and very different and we can do that I was just a sheet of metal that looks like copper piping but more of a different type of its only help with clients with that I’ll give them ideas and opinions on that matter But every idea that comes in we make sure we take by and communicate very well that you know this is show you why you didn’t want his once it’s installed can’t be uninstalled everything is being done in the bathroom is a lot of time and effort for the process of it. and that’s why one of the biggest things when it comes to things and everything that is taken down this little slower than normal didn’t get you that everything is taken down a new kind of war that these projects and processes don’t interfere with the end result because it matters how the end result that calms you know we don’t want to make sure we don’t want to have something that you didn’t want in the project and that’s why it’s very important for us to be able to communicate that with our communication skills here as basement remodeling Milwaukee and how well we do that with our clients I want to get to know where I can contact with him in Sicily throughout the days off throughout the weeks and depending on exactly what type of project we’re working on it depends how well we all know how well that how awful we communicate and going back and forth for the basement and we’re talk wants finer details of the four plans then we consistently daily back and forth going making sure that is ironed out so once we do start the project that it is completely done and we don’t have to worry about changing and mid framing it and that makes a lot of difference in the N1 would cost come around and difference in materials that we used to give basement remodeling Milwaukee call.