Do you like this used to Company. You Keep Joe yes Joe’s here proposal know where you work what’s Kyle there finding parking basement remodeling Milwaukee in the parking lot so full today call did you take a nap in her box yesterday why are you going to stay this box chocolate chips Joel future before anybody else interesting it’s fine but it’s the entertaining but it’s it’s filler new. and there’s a little enough and I can. spoil like really Advance the plot 13 siding ideas at 14 15 16 will be like a big dark and that they’re kind of just like feeling it up so it’s to get there cut sound like the Clone Wars formula.  I get these assholes done it’s Friday Line Bank day for me cuz I don’t really want to Last Friday to today yellow ladies talking on the phone she’s looking to basement remodeling Milwaukee sign $115,000. contract how to be like house I think it would but leave next use the car Rises none sessions and I just let them have ecp’s stop phone . So she’s not what she asked me questions Amtrak don’t return without a check. Let me see this phone I got updated a little bit.

I don’t think they would do that but they didn’t know he was coming just know this one song. That’s a questionable Behavior that’s worse than Sage Cowboy Grinding through the. week I wish you was here.  see all I got to do this today I like doing this better th cut. nothingan having to think of 4000 words right now For some reason my where to start to getting highlighted what’s a notary gotcha.  play 2 Chainz. Intimidating did Joe want to give up during all this in their department where they keep files like the old ones that weren’t even transferred to computer and I would just go over page but he is really looking for old blueprints of the building because it’s word that’s a woman seems like a lot of work yeah it seems like a lot of work sometimes only basement remodeling Milwaukee work with other subs I had to look up something. I had to get this one trying to see what I could do or yes going to look up the the Kraken have fun see if I get any trades today yeah there’s nothing too crazy there and we took on a few more but her assistant. I don’t even know what this is this video really cool I want to see what’s going on there panic at the 11 quarters see like an actual it’s good for Real Estate a lot ofWe have to look at these things like.

I know I do I’m going to have to do certain things.  I know Mike Mike’s the guy that word Reese things I think I’ve seen once. the office. I just can’t Well if he can go on the orientation if we keep going through this when we will see that there is a I don’t know what the arena looks looks like but for being honest I don’t really see that look at this I think Benny is is going to be the guy that goes either him or cabbage would have been a good guy to have to but this guy but he’s going to be the guy with you and his see what his the hockey writers but see what they say about him I don’t really know what he’s got going on someone having the best players on not much use this person thinks he’s offensive Lee basement remodeling Milwaukee skillful beautiful and there’s a sunrise basically the only thing you can be yourself vinyl a type of player well I guess this is really smart players yeah.

The tapes yeah I could do that we can see that you’re saying she be the select in the top 10 a lot of people are saying that he should be the number one guy but if he’s not it is what it is for us to make us very like basic nothing really all right around Santa was a bird round so he could be it it’s not really much of a risk in this pic that’s pretty cool I’ll see what my tablet as I think he’s the guy worth it I think he’s a guy where I said you know what T I would pick him yeah used super big New Prospect copy pretty happy with that one guy that could just be you big Bruiser they have like a lot of things I.  that, what’s the weather I’ll take him yes I think we should take the basement remodeling Milwaukee Beignets guy and see what number he wears cuz she can be the forgot about that see what the header material see what number is wearing number 10 guy so he could probably wear the number 10 on the Kraken NHL top prospects I didn’t even know if there was so we look at this one we can basement remodeling Milwaukee see that we see the number one rated person is on power you guys are all.

3 top three players are all the fun staying at the player would be better days will be aThey’re still keeping Bellows as a prospect.  January song Here’s all these I mean scroll up on Prospect I’m ready to break out Aldi’s food the girls some guys that to be fourth in the 2020 draft.  was this guy only on Luke got to put in 5 Drysdale I don’t really know much about him Tigres Tigres we have you want me to subscribe to basement remodeling Milwaukee that I want some back there’s that and then we can keep moving on from there I will start the next one. Can you please come over here that would be very great if somebody could do that it is what it is. She just likes to make them there is so much going on in that conference room.