Cool It Now look at the place there’s stuff the things that I’ve done what to do where’s the Google review link set comment writing. my guess is we can always do we can just go to the tried-and-true and look at the MLB scores for the weekend and I should give me enough words for this if we look so far we came into with no beads so far I have had one call today and was from a client today other than that there’s not much going on. hey Kyle with these leads so I basement remodeling Milwaukee have over the one that called on the one of the outside work done to last week or that I called think we should give him another call this week just to see if he’s found someone for his kitchen and then that one person I just called for her husband and we haven’t heard anything back from right now okay.  so loudly that it’s going to be considered dead will be so there was that didn’t even get an email we didn’t really get much of anything good how are you undo gacha is the sky.

Basement remodeling Milwaukee see a movie MLB The Show Zone and see I the play oh my God close that door African players with look at that what’s his name like Mike Anthony plays Astro overall is a 90 on 95 break and sinker which is good he got pretty good controlling that pitch was forcing not as much Break Free is good to cover a change of the other time break with a sinker is something to be serious about these if you pair of 4 + 573 contact gray Fridays and what is it 50 61 power of attorneys add 91 contact versus lefties in 70 Power vs lefties I’ll be pretty cool Hey Joe how was your weekend.  how’s Kevin this weekend yeah that’s probably good hotter hotter what’s that veritus hey we we got an offer still on top of things basement remodeling Milwaukee see we also have a true overall but it make you look like a guy that I think this is a picture at this is Silver Slugger card which is kind of cool I’m considering this is a picture of the Silver Slugger card exciting great stamina 28,000.

When he first came on his final price of 37 so the lowest that ever was is probably about right right now other than that though other players I just got in the game Grady Sizemore 49080 Raleigh place up 98 best rated card will be the Jackie Robinson card it’s the 42 on Skype 125 contact course left he’s 1 17 verse right I got you two average power revision create everything else is fast you’re not much you can do with that card. See I can look up basement remodeling Milwaukee Devers see we’re at their home I do have this card just kind of cool the only place third and first I’m pretty sure that all that pretty sure that is all that project wisdom has to but just kind of fortunate play down he can’t play field at all wee wisdom who was a really good player and I think all he does is third and first I just play right field so I can put right field.

We can put Patrick wisdom and then in left field we can put J D Martinez and then Center you can put Jesse Winker who hopefully he has a if we went color to place under which he can so we by Prince Fielder will be able to get don’t link red Center on my Outfield will be you know not that great but it is what it is do you sacrifice little bit of power 4 see what Prince Fielder’s thing is I would like to buy that card is average contact is average power I’m just a very good hitting the very good heading card so that’s essentially an upgrade from the 1 Pierre so if you look at it that way basement remodeling Milwaukee you just got good speed so it’s kind of his his only thing he is the speed card that I would like to have is a diamond which is cool other than that though. What’s going on.  we can definitely just say that card that you think is the row Berry 1 look at that one it’s the 9th at 1 17 scale through 9 everything is really good he’s great the clutch on the can’t hit but that’s fine it’s kind of fast but it’s cut gray control every picture is insane controller I guess he’s really got me breaking stuff he does of a slider so on the curb with mechanical to have the David Ortiz one is one of those cards how much I don’t think I know it’s contact its power is just insane header off Fielding is not that great but oh well he does he can hit that’s all you care about there’s also the Cliff Lee card which is pretty good you told me.

Like I said the car was really well against me for some reason basement remodeling Milwaukee he it says because Brady’s he’s pretty Unstoppable so I told me if you wanted to play well and then the bulb check card is it comes to how much it cost I should probably look into that because on the other card that when you look at it what is one of the best cards you can get I don’t know how you supposed to get it probably the play the team Affinity is how you get their card on just regular Mike Trout card crazy that it’s that good but it is don’t like I said the rain if you put on the left he’s going to have to fall every time and you basement remodeling Milwaukee would raise our power is horrible Fielding I could speed this is very good card to have voice expensive anyways like like 60,000 right now which is kind of crazy so Thursday.