I know I’m not really supposed to be doing this right now but I’m going to get these next couple rounds done see I was only able to basement remodeling Milwaukee get ahold of you know one person and at this point it is.  what it is yeah it has complain about their with my snacks I’m going to scandals in the try to get comment I know it’s only like 35 calories do nothing crazy that basement remodeling Milwaukee bathroom situation I just had a. birthday to take  what’s ridiculous i r e go what’s happening here so it’ll work out I have to do tonight is it likes workout I’m going with legs again and me I’m really starting to notice a little bit for my caps my triceps are tired today.  how however, however, have a good however, I look at the we we do the I’m going to You do for the last month maybe basement remodeling Milwaukee just had that boat 17 then go down so we’ll see, I don’t really know how low I have to go to feel like I am going to start losing come to end so I just won it looks like it has a carb there’s not much going on there what does a lot of vitamin C that’s always a good thing to look at and when I scan this protein bar in I hope it’s a lot of carbs in there but still good protein the breakfast I had today was more just a the Apparently was just kind of like a carp thing that happened on protein-packed go up and then the carbs are still there on my my dinner is got to be a little bit lower in that.

I could just I don’t know I’ll figure something out like it always is not at either I will just see how I’m feeling at that time today is going to be like today so if we look up the CrossFit legs I don’t really know exactly what I want to do I know I’ve been like, do squats but some people do those they felt pretty good to do meet a lot of people basement remodeling Milwaukee want to do like the jump roping maybe I should do some jump rope Mitchell has a lot of air squats and I think maybe I just kind of want to destroy my caps tonight which would be like definitely calf raises and then we could get some more weed but we get some calf raises on there that we could do some jumper open.

Oak a fax I don’t even know what all the calf exercises are if we have a bunch of Camp exercise this weekend look up the images I don’t really know what people have I mean obviously the raises are basically the only ones that you can do I mean that is a leg press machine I’ll be all these are pretty much the same premise so I could do step-ups which isn’t horrible 1 yeah you do that see the Torres I don’t know how I feel about that forward lines I don’t really know so see I know what kind of want to do the rowing machine for I’ll probably do that for a pretty good amount of time today I just really like to do that maybe I’ll start with some CAF start some with some CAF work and then going to go from there and then we’ll do a little bit of like you know maybe I could do some jump rope just because I feel like that’s also good cardio basement remodeling Milwaukee good thing for your legs to do that kind of stuff happens I got a text today from all we could see home that they happy Yeah maybe we could definitely do 11 meow because that big of a deal to push.

I we I’m so kind of hides in there which is 4 okay I just said to this lady was no problem working schedule to 11 but we’ll see I mean would you have work is work out pretty good I’m so I’m pretty excited with what’s happening it looks like I’m starting to get that 2 months old situation happening in my legs which is something promising so I’m just got to keep going to grind yet it size or a little bit you know my size all that are see we have here if we go to this when we could say two people say in January get some pretty good she’s either your whole life or don’t get married is a pretty good pretty good thing to think about right there I really do think that I mean I already know that so much anxiety about it when it’s about to happen but I just know for a fact that Spirit word if you order for the table yeah I mean got to stretch before you run I mean that is pretty good I don’t really think that is the idea of like 21 cut.

I’m to make I’m so there’s that going on I don’t really know somebody just says salute to the Cardinals Kiwanis pretty good player I mean I do like this guy lot I think he is a very good that I don’t understand it we have new assistant coach at University of Ohio so that’s a pretty fun basement remodeling Milwaukee coaching team with Penny Hardaway and Rashid.  we could see for breaking rules and also holding I mean if you look at all this stuff going on I hate to see this if I go through on this thing right now we have all these diets happening word emotions to eat like a you know 12 year old is what people say to 91 next year. It’s just Tony Romo and the Dallas Mavericks Jersey which is pretty funny yeah I don’t really understand the actual issue their mean I would want to make only a hundred bucks a day we could see where he’s at their basement remodeling Milwaukee house I don’t get why this guy thinks he’s next friendly I mean be pretty good so we’ll see.