It’s over here looking at this time we can see you we have a few more to do and then we also basement remodeling Milwaukee still have the 4 paragraphs see Chelsea signed see Tuesday I don’t know if I wanted I have to be in the preseason I’m. free look here will see that I just clicked you all Chelsea the look they can stay at you can see that there is beautiful mehndi see for the Defenders.  who silver Christensen the old guys that chilwell Zuma I don’t know like I either are any of these guys fun Left Coast image of theirs at all which pretty much the same Danny drinkwater is the name that they have with.  the next actually actually put princess named Timmy break on the team on their pulis XO it doesn’t look like they have any really new players going there look at that you see that I said I got a couple Snapchat I don’t know who’s actually messaging me on the shoulder 16 hours ago that I can look at why would you be free fun they looking.  I’ll see that the Thirsty Thursday you’re. pretty horrible flavor but it is again make it with that means we also have these people and see what she posted on I have a good workout over here.  love you less the fruit here Are they just going to knock these add phones to start to record now perfect nope I’m about to get this one it says that be Packers and font atoms are not talking about their contract right now.  honest add any real progress apparently they don’t want basement remodeling Milwaukee to make him a size paper receiver so we’ll see I don’t really know I do want to ruin that relationship too but oh well that’s what it is right there hammered escape from the ambulances running any pretty upsetting I mean the Guardians I feel like the name voice isn’t as bad as people are making out scene but it is what.

Amari Rodgers I guess I’m 4 year deal Apparently there’s nothing. nothing going on  it that’s pretty cool I don’t really think Snake-Eyes somebody thought it was really cool and I don’t really like that it had anything to do with the GI Joe Electric Services Miller Electric is yeah I was going to talk to him I’m going to see him tomorrow I’ll just talk to him and see like who I actually need to call it’s like go through call and then have them call back and things like that we also have.  if you look at this we happy we keep looking at these everything I was going in there I could do the Either way I have a Blink-182 on with our. Basement remodeling Milwaukee I’m PPL like that one If you were going a little extreme when it comes to their All I want is for these headphones to get each word that I need to get apparently Berry Park rows in Milwaukee yesterday except his role I don’t know what’s going on these things are just absolutely dog water but it is what it is we can just keep going what’s the row right there I mean I get that but it is what it is and people want Texas to be good again so I’ll see if they are I get that but you just version just keep going there I keep looking down we can see that this is just another thing that’s going to keep happening nothing for me I have all the stuff right here I get why I can get two thousand this pretty ridiculous.  however.

It is what it is I don’t think Cleveland is that bad breaking news Rasmus ristolainen is going to Philly actually pretty crazy I will try again with the sentence we can go that the White Sox going to play against the Brewers cheerleader was going to go get scroll. I really don’t want to do this anymore light burnt off in the week from doing whatever we’re going to call him I want to try to figure out I words and trying to get in with us baseball transactions page weekend which I was traded to the other race on the Mets thing she created form the freaking system pictures a lot scarier than yesterday Nelson Cruz was treated to be. the season cruises still go to and go basement remodeling Milwaukee but he got traded to the Tampa Bay Rays extended 2 years 38 million dollars for the White Sox bold this apparently back in the league for the Braves just been playing much lately but trying to blue crystal playing I guess if I look at his numbers we can see basement remodeling Milwaukee see that Luke Ryan 14 up at this year maybe less than that we can see on that he had more than that but apparently he’s on the insert games yesterday 3 16 so you play one game for Boston.

Nothing really happens Justified to substitute for that he’s just played for so many teams now first first seven years of the best catchers in the National League Robinson is on retiring from baseball tired mental health advocate for the giant which is something that be look up to end. 2 anime  to an immediate sign by angels he’s doing very well this year voice is doing very great so he’ll probably be a backup he coordinates back has been basement remodeling Milwaukee. signed by the Dodgers will see you at Spring gelatin going on are you look like that at one point. Okay so we have enough here and all i want to do is finish the last one because these things are taking absolutely way too long but it is what it is when it comes to that. It is actually very annoying but i have run out of ideas on what to say and what to think when it comes to stuff like this.