What’s black cherry Propel I just took a sip of is definitely the best purple they have this flavor is awesome apply because I’m super thirsty because I’m on you know the keto diet and that makes you thirsty but what are you going to do and there’s not much I can do about that. Bas I did not say that’s more don’t know no I said  I basement remodeling Milwaukee so that’s an actual thing that I said very go and now it finally shows up I look at my phone see if it’s still charging it’s good I want that thing to be a hundred percent charged on my iPad is at 100% that’s awesome I have three new emails to look at 1 this from Planet Fitness really need much more that I stop getting messages from Advance Auto Parts it’s really annoying I don’t know how to get it there so many unsubscribe on thank you again I’m opting out I would yeah I’m just acting out to save your preferences at this time that’s ridiculous I will just block them I don’t know what that was How likely Brooklyn very likely I don’t know I don’t see and I liked it I need to do all that I don’t really want to last in a season for MLB well the Mets in 62 the Tigers haven’t basement remodeling Milwaukee been good let’s look at an OB standings let’s go with see 2020 standings.

I don’t know who is the worst year for the worst team last season we have the standings from I want do I want to do a Moby tell me the time for very good last year and this year they have the best record in the league Brewers are nice and 500 so there’s that let’s go to last year they are we go the Dodge the best in the worst for the Pirates I know it’s not going to them but I’m just going to do some addition we could say let’s go look we could do with the and then I write tigers also rate the Orioles the Orioles Diamondbacks and then we can also do Rockies Royals in Seattle all right those are what you trying to do the Pirates had 19 wins last year they’re horrible Rangers of 22 Tigers had 23 the Orioles had 25. 25 Rockies head 26 the Royals had 26 and in the Mariners had see 27 so I’ll pretty bad teams whistle for the Pirates of.

Basement remodeling Milwaukee go to 2019 the best team in the league was Houston well Detroit was the worst team see look at Detroit add 47 Baltimore had 54 are we going to see the Marlins I can only do the Marlins because and see where they’re at in 2020 to go to the Marlins again Mama image for you last year that 31 wins cell could for them all right let’s go back 2019 the worst team was Detroit bilap Baltimore Miami had 57 Kansas City only at 59 wins Toronto known to do to the Mariners head to 68 Pittsburgh weather basement remodeling Milwaukee. 71 with angels mean Texas 78 end the Diamondbacks which I did not realize they were that good ears on it 85 that year so there’s that if we go to 2018 and that would be feel 2018 Baltimore head 47 Kansas City had 58 so they’re not very good at all the Miami had 63 Detroit head 64 it says city of Texas head 67 so they have not been good for a while Pittsburgh and 82 in Zaire find Arizona Arizona head 82 yeah they they’re going to be out of the running. Me too good. The bad teams will be too good we also need Colorado River Colorado 91 holy cow that was really good season for them in 2017 let’s look at the numbers there. We have the bus team again with the Dodgers on the worst team in San Francisco Detroit with 64 wins while they’ve been dead for a long time the White Sox have not very good either bird with 75 Baltimore with 75 what kind that you go you guys are a little bit better on Miami with 77 Texas head 78 Seattle head 78 oh man I got to go back a year see the Royals had I don’t even know where Kansas City is that 80 Rocky’s had 87 so they’re going to be too good for this Rockies out of there we could do we’re at yeah we just need another one for the Mariners which was the 2018 season was the Mariners season that did not get and what it what team are they from Seattle 89 which is pretty good for them so there’s that basement remodeling Milwaukee.

Then I got one more season so we can go to 20 16 and see what was happening then in the Last 5 Years so Minnesota was it good Arizona wow well hardly seems like had some weird this is weird that year we can go to Pittsburgh and 78 Miami had 79 wins the city head 81 what’s the Seattle head 86 the Detroit at 86 that year so that’s pretty good for them and Baltimore had 89 and then after that text site 95 basement remodeling Milwaukee yep what’s up yeah yeah I’m not make up all right so we are at the bottom 5 teams see what the Pirates had in the last 5 years it’s just start doing some Edition when that last 5 see where the Pirates were 19 + 59 + 82 so the in the last five years the Pirates had 323 wins and we look at I don’t even think 95 344 the Rangers while they are not very good either on the Tigers is the team that I thought was worse.

But I guess they did have that big year of 86 win though to 84 is not good he look at the Orioles there have been a basement remodeling Milwaukee little bit better than the Tigers yeah but not much I don’t know who’s worse this season though three or four for the for the Royals the Mariners are think better than that we have the Marlins who I don’t think I’ve been I think it is the Tigers yeah it’s got to be it is the Tigers who are the worst team by far between the Orioles and the between the Orioles record what is the Orioles record right now Orioles record as of right now they have 19 up to 90 + 19. See what the tigers are at the Tigers have 23 so as of right now it’s see where we’re at the berry close number 3 307 in the mail so I have to 90 + 19 which to make it 3:09 so the tigers are just barely worse than the than the Orioles over the last 5 years title stuff.