When when Emmy what time Joe stopping by what should I tell her cuz she’ll ask between 12 and 2 all right I’ll say basement remodeling Milwaukee that to. Fishes hi Amy this is Ryan from Back to Basics builders hi I am just calling to let you know that Joe will be stopping by Dorothy of a great time for anybody to be stopping by today around from like anywhere between 11 and 2 I can ask her real quick what does Joe need to do okay you don’t have to be there you just need to wait at the house he’s just taking a look at the a track okay I’ll perfect I’ll let you know thank you have a good day bye this nobody’s home then they’ll just leave the back sliding door open so Joe can break in.

Right now it’s here and they’re all my mouth except my buddies fantasy invite and get to that I get there oh I definitely need my email address see if we have ESPN I do not have that one saved perfect I don’t even know my login is anymore see if that worked out did work perfect black Tell him that it keeps saying that he gets full I don’t really know how many people are in the right now 2 3 4 I know Joe is a twin this week we’ll see where basement remodeling Milwaukee we go with that speak with 7 bench pieces regular I don’t know what the scoring is in this week but see what it is I don’t know why it’s doing that but it is so yesterday was a very close game in the movie The Show iPhone 7 what’s going on in the trailer for Visions I won’t be able to thoughts on this our but what’s awesome Roc I’m working, I have to go onto my actual sign into my account with you this one to join this league open but a follower of your 50% so undo looks like my We are at work today maybe word ring try to get to 2 I’m sick of this guy said in the market for a hundred amp breakers on with care about that guy right now see what this is at home if we go to I don’t know that guy we’ll see where we can see that I look at this person our daughter is 3 months old pretty cool in there is move Ali’s grandson next going to win last night equality orange grandfather’s words what were they calling the column trunks I’m pretty sure so this one will see you then, no one MLB The Show.

What’s going to be the show and there’s a lot of like origin of basement remodeling Milwaukee Nova doing stage three players who will see where this is at home 15 affinity I know I need a a picture of Gregory soda would probably be a good one to have germ warfare two players I do want go to cucina mean there’s a lot of players that I would want however just don’t know if it will be the best cousin going for me hater would sell so good one season 3 cards are left my phone with basement remodeling Milwaukee my food this morning kind of settled so I’m still pretty hungry but please answer just ridiculous the way they just take up your whole screen see Tiffany season 3 all stars oh my God every single one has a tooth in the car that mean I would want to get the Josh Hader card which would be kind of cool to have you want like yep.

I need to be replaced does just pick it up hi Patty, basement remodeling Milwaukee I’m just calling because I need a dumpster picked up.  the address is it’s worth going over that6 all right perfect thank you it’s worth going over thereI do want you want one of those Prince Fielder cars I’m going to look up right now at the look up the movie look up the first baseman for the first baseman that’s why I woke up my grandma’s this is the first day of spring and we can see that we can see and go from and we can go in here and just going to go before I’m so this will be the see what players are going for I want to go to first base when it comes to the market and just see where people are in no I want that Prince Fielder card why don’t you get penalized though cuz his setting is just insane that mean it’s building is very average.

But see all seems like it would work really well I mean there’s the Vladimir Guerrero Jr card when you want to look at this one in to see where at show me it’s fine it’s not great but it’s not bad I have no treatment see cars come from are those soldiers ridiculously high Paul Konerko is an interesting one it cuz I want to the one that I can the car that I can actually basement remodeling Milwaukee afford that’s very good the feeling is this just not what time resume working with what’s his name can do the reserve card is a very good defense and I’m done I think I’m done with the guy that can steal the ball and meet you at crazy I’m strikethrough feels like I’m just Black Luster don’t know who’s Matt shrock. Could you let the damn Mattingly card Don Mattingly the MetroCard might be the move The Magnificat contact this way up for everything and then with power against lefties but his Fielding is Diamond so if you’re just going 4 bass heads I don’t get a lot going on anyways it to really like this cards Don Mattingly see what this match is all about it’s just a little guy up the bedrooms are we get the card but hey we can go from there Olympic doubles guys go Glover’s.