All right so we’re finally able to start these on this is where I’m at now for the day I haven’t been basement remodeling Milwaukee able to just saying like see words that’s all over Depot is trending I don’t know what that means but if he stands all cool where do you have yea blue funny fight black did you interesting see what I can do pretty cool I don’t know where these are from you had these the whole time basement remodeling Milwaukee can you grab me another one red 1 but don’t touch the butt weight can you grab it’s not the part that I have to climb all down now just grab it yes oh no only a little bit of garbage full out. but it’s okay I should eat lunch that’s why I’m solo that’s why I’m so hungry highlight lunch already but I didn’t watch say something I don’t mind how old do peaches are do we know how old these are a really long time basement remodeling Milwaukee but there’s a straw someplace weird sick I get sick I guess. can you help me get these.

We were trying to guess the number that you would so for the estimate from last night so like if we actually do what he want to do it be like maybe $15 project probably not even that much but what would the number have to be for you that we’re going out there to go up there talking like Prophet like cuz Kyle’s like cuz cuz like if it’s a $20,000 project we get them at like 60 I’m like yes or like what what’s like the lowest number you could go to like 40 hour last night like South 49th right by locusts you know like come on like 40000 of a $20,000 estimate not Eve 5060 I like to.  toggle I’ll go I’ll go forward 60 I’ll just start going out there no it really it really isn’t just me and Kyle yeah I’ll go out there yeah why not I’ll figure it out it’s it’s just one bedroom I can frame a straight wall I don’t know how to frame a door I’d figure it out no I’m sure yeah .

Redo egress words for my nappy big enough for Joe what’s the size does a bedroom have to be like what’s the smallest a bedroom can be with an egress window free to pass inspections Willie so his yesterday was like 10 by 7 like 80 something square feet no I 1 fit my bed my bed is I don’t know my bed like I don’t know how long is it is 8 feet by honestly my bad would take something like 48 square feet so Rat King play Celtic 8 ft x 6 ft I think huge I love it I’ll never go back to smaller bed ever right if I had a dog there’s no way I’ll go lower than a king I’d even though California basement remodeling Milwaukee King about a dog sleeping in my bed it’s really hard that’s what they call California change their bigger.

I think they’re wider I love my bed is huge you get lost in it I like travel to the other side of the bed get lost his cool bed don’t you have a cool bad right just like a regular bed how do I tape it cuz I don’t think they can’t fit I got making it I’m trying to make a big sword out of them so then we can do our fate I know we were doing this to fight lightsabers none you like lightsabers you think your dad want to light saber and doubt it I thought you would want to light saber what do you think do you want one with a real one and I think what would you think you would do with it like I think I would I would take a concealed carry course for it for my lightsaber right set watches so it’s important like basement remodeling Milwaukee super hot and that’s how it do you want one of those I want one of those but I’m saying like real life lightsaber what would I use it for Rocket no issues there you don’t need a saw everybody see I’m thinking I’ll take a look at class now just I carry it with me everywhere like my safety right just like all at once happy Sweet the practicality is pretty good I think I’m more like a double saber guy I think you cooler if you have a double saber color would you what color is your favorite pink do they have pink ones I know that purple visitors come on Joe help me out double double saber person double saber guy and he said that there’s no successful one true cut basement remodeling Milwaukee it yep that’s good point Cheetos .

I got time today you got to look at you got to remember you got to look it up look it up now toggle point right right or I’d be like what other super things I want what do you think about like Spider-Man like his web shooters would you want those I think I would force Hammer would be basement remodeling Milwaukee really cool I think I’d rather have a hammer I got distracted do you know what I would want to do in Star Wars I want to be a pilot yes I can fly like a like a TIE fighter actually have you pretty cool I think so would you want to be a pilot fly the planes just lightsabers Jedi the forward line Savers you don’t think so can you look up green saver guy Joe he’s for sure green saver. like Ray  go your Green Sabre guy I think no you’re more of a wisdom guy than like a like a bike really cuz that’s the Jedi Knight where’s the master purple purple 3 speed cut that one I want the number one else Cal kestis in the game I know purple so.  I the game.