Basement Remodeling Milwaukee | Know the Steps?

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Hello good afternoon thank you for coming in a back-to-basics filters basement remodeling Milwaukee today I would like to talk about vanities and bathrooms because I’ve been looking at different varieties and bathrooms and I think that vanities make a huge difference in the bathroom obviously this weekend I plan on just painting the counter top of my vanity and then we’re going to go ahead and sand and stain it and we found some different stains that we were interested in and I don’t know how I feel about it because I know that at Back to Basics pillars there’s different types of stain and there is also different colors of stain and when I was looking at different state and the kitchen we went with a granny but I would really love to spice up my bathroom with some color it’s the only place where I can be me my bathroom is my quiet place and I love it sometimes I sit in the bathroom on the edge of the tub and I just have coffee and I think about being a mom and how sometimes when you’re raising two children in your mom has two children than it can be overwhelming and as your object in your home and it adds Streisand and disorganization it as khaosod errands stressors on the kids it’s just all around a crazy idea but Back to Basics Builders we always get through it I don’t know how but sometimes I feel like I can’t we’re just happy that we can get through things together because that’s what families do Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee it’s what we do we support each other and we get through things and that’s what we do for you as well when you’re interested in remodeling your home you can give us a call at 414-460-0075 and discuss your remodeling project with us tell us about your dreams at Back to Basics Builders we want to know what you may have in store for us I’m right here to celebrate your dreams and your needs as well as our own Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we all work on our own homes to make it just better functioning I know sometimes I just take a whole weekend and clean my house sometimes I feel like that considered remodeling itself at Back to Basics Builders We are here and we truly love to do our own remodeling projects sometimes and sometimes you don’t sometimes we just have somebody come in and we know the hard work that it’s taking me so we have somebody else come in and do everything whatever you may be doing or feeling at the time that’s up to you to know what you need done in your home and how we can better help you at Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee what we do we love that we can do it and we always look forward to doing it for families Back to Basics pillars is a great place to be it’s a great place to live and share dreams and to share goals and I love it I wouldn’t be in any other place and where I’m at today, ever had the best job I ever will have had I look forward to work all the time I like what I do everyday is a new day at Back to Basics Builders If it wasn’t for a back-to-basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee I’ll tell you today I would be a hot mess with I would have to call in find creative ways to communicate with my family if I was on child Out Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling walk to me I have full support of my employers and I with everything I have in me Back to Basics Brothers so excited I got to get something for it and do great things with my life and that my kids are actually benefiting from my career that’s really hard to find employee Instagram an employer’s as well as that they support you and your family and that now just you or getting paid but your family is benefiting as well Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee that’s what we do here that’s what we love to do and then to take care of families that we serve at back to basics builders as a customer you will never feel left out you will always be included with our reason for great communication we love to build relationships with our customers and get through their remodeling projects it is great at back to basics builders and i love it here you will to so give us a call at 414-460-0075 or check out our website at and fill out the contact information to the best of your ability at back to basics builders we will look forward to hearing from you today i am so heart broken my heart hurts that i am missing a family member but i am here working with a family that understands and encourages me regularly and i love that they support our staff with love and kindness sometimes when we are bogged with social media and media in general our hearts have already broke and we feel as though we have lost human kind well let me tell you at back to basics builders basement remodeling milwaukee it still exists in our homes in the business and in our lives we have families and we are responsible for them and i cannot express enough how much we have been cared for by our company my family is blessed beyond measure God has truly prevailed and loved me and showed me the light in the darkest of places my kids have a safe babysitter they have been prayed over daily and they love their lives i have been able to provide everything they need and then some they are fed their house is detailed and cleaned and their home is updating slowly i have my career choice to thank for all their blessings.