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¬†hello everyone thank you for tuning in here at Back to Basics Fellers basement remodeling Milwaukee today we’re going to talk about some really cool fun stuff that I experienced over the weekend and has been gray at actually it’s been fantastic and it’s really exciting and fun and I actually got back from vacation yesterday and it’s just been really crazy and just nutty¬† today I felt like I am exhausted birthday out of tire I can’t focus to save my life but that’s why we’re here at Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee at my head is pounding I’m just tired last night so 3 returned from vacation on Sunday Knights we got home around dinner time and we just hung out and I put everything away and I did a load of laundry we only had one load of laundry I was surprised because I did laundry on my way home my stepmom actually encouraged me to do my laundry so I was really excited about it and it made me super happy that I came home put everything away and there was nothing more to do and I just was happy about it we ended up going to Chippewa Falls and instead of Black River Falls and then we went to I stopped in Adele’s on the way there and we had some dinner then we stayed the night in Chippewa Falls and it was great as beautiful and we went to leinie’s Lodge and we hung out at the brewery and then we came back to the hotel we went and got some snacks and swim and the kids just had a blast then we went out to Grantsburg Wisconsin which just kills me cuz I was exhausted I was super tired but on a good note it was a lot of fun we hung out on the river and I kayaks for 10 Mi and you know what I am done I am so tired like I can’t do it anymore my whole body aches I just want to take pills and go to sleep but anyways I wanted to mention that I was out of the office because a lot of people think that I just sit in an office all day and don’t do anything outside but let me tell you it was a blast it was a blast to put away the phone and the computer in the headsets and the papers in the pencils and just enjoy my two year olds and at Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we do a lot of family events together and we do a lot of family gatherings together as a matter of fact we’re going to have a birthday party this weekend for the owner’s daughter she’s turning 5 it’s great I love it Ashley 6 I’m sorry and it’s going to be a blast like I look forward to it it makes me smile we just have a great time together and I just kind of wanted to talk about sometimes when we have such good times that it’s not always about us it’s not always about working hard and getting things done it’s about enjoying your team as well and I we do that we have a lot of fun together we have a lot of Joy together we love being with one another day-to-day and it makes me happy and a that’s why we’re here we’re here to our customers but at the same time we got to serve ourselves and do what’s best for us a I took a half day of vacation on Thursday and I moved forward and plowed through the rest of the weekend with vacation A we want you to be empowered we want you to be happy we want you to move forward we want you to be appositive in this world and a back-to-basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee that’s what we’re here for and that’s what we’re going to do I’m right here for our customers but we also have to take care of ourselves during this crazy chaos a we are here to serve you + 2 serve those around us were really excited I have a party scheduled for the 11th and then I have another one scheduled for the 16th so it’s going to be pretty busy it’s going to be crazy busy but that’s what I love I love to plan I love to execute and I love to get things done in a timely fashion at I’m really excited to do everything that I can to better serve our customers here makes me happy and I’m here to serve and to do great things and to move forward and to do what we love a we’re here to better serve our customers we have free estimates we have free consultation Services we provide he with your free estimate so give us a call at 401-4460 0075 and reach out to us to get your remodeling project scheduled with us at we’re here to serve you and all of your remodeling needs so reach out to us at we have a website www. Back to Basics we also have a great time here in the office and it makes me smile with happiness and joy in my heart to know that we are serving those around us here at back to basics builders basement remodeling milwaukee we are able to rest and spend time with our family during these crazy wild times covid has brought on some of the craziest times and it makes me so happy to know that we are here at to better serve our customers this weekend i am excited to move forward with some fun stuff in my home after a long time break and it makes me so happy and i can smile about it i love that i can take time to myself and i can move forward with some fun stuff at we are here to better serve our customers witha free estimate free consultation and also a 15% lower rate than any other company in the business I am blessed to be here today to help my team and to consider them for moving forward at back to basics builders basement remodeling milwaukee i am here to better serve our community and it makes me smile