Here we go. I forget what I was just about to look at I know I had to start one of these but I don’t really know what I was going to look at, if we go to the kitchen that is not what I need so we have a traffic while the things I said oh yeah we got to look for receipts and it doesn’t look like there are any there is bad but oh well basement remodeling Milwaukee. If we look at the look at the game slate that we had the other day I guess I could put the standing up and then would you be kind of cool to have that like that but when I really need that there are project Rock shorts and looking at some right now there is a there is a what’s it called there are some pretty cool short sleeve hoodies make this one is at Under Armor all its fur it would be cool to go to the what’s it called what are they what are they called when they are come out of business what’s with the clear in stores what are they called you know what they are see what we got here outlet mall in Milwaukee we have where is Pleasant Prairie which is kind of I don’t know how far Pleasant basement remodeling Milwaukee  Prairie is on on a to a kind of stores they have that does not look like they have the exact stores and I’m looking for the guitar on holy cow I could probably do that this weekend of course there is a while they do it 1 armor look up Pleasant Prairie Outlet mall and see where it’s at.

Bass if I got the I’ll see open I to but I other than There’s some pretty good games in the MLB all right let’s go Google thank you so if we look at the see if we look at last night’s games the Orioles beat the Mets yet again they beat them let’s say 10 to 3. 16 heads so they are seeing the ball pretty well right now the Orioles if I do say so myself I do like them what’s see Mullins he got another two heads he is my All-Star vote Trey Mancini got another to hit Santander got two hits Galvez apparently Freddy Galvis I basement remodeling Milwaukee like him you just like that prototypical he’s just a veteran guy that you always going to get you some heads he’s not going to be crazy but he’s not going to be bad either it’s just going to be very consistent solid and you could better in presents for your team on Francisco Lindor went over to with a walk but he did score run it’s good to see add a ham to the Alonzo hit a home run and get three RBIs out of the team 3 so there was that if we look at who pitched Matt Harvey again out of the bullpen since he’s been in the bullpen it looks like he’s been doing pretty well.

I’ll look him up Matt Harvey stats and see where we’re at here because he’s only That Ass Up 3 Year from The Bold and the Perla it’s been working really well for him what’s 12 * 7 what are the different Harvey must have been a different Harvey because I’ve never seen you look at this are oh yeah it’s hrb sorry that’s my bad sorry guys basement remodeling Milwaukee. And if we go to the Dodgers verse the Pirates the Dodgers 1523 I know there was a home run called back because who’s there Prospect away Ikea Brian Hayes home he missed first base and then it definitely doesn’t come from.  remember if we look Walker Buehler got the win he’s a stud we went seven Innings gildo runs two strikeouts Nam he’s a guy that I had to predict would win a Cy Young at some point is 26 now so I mean from 2018 through 2021 and has been pretty dominant so the strikeout numbers are down this year but that is no concern I’m just watching these guys walk up the stairs right now and they look really guest on Joe Kelly given for a row Can we dance and now he’s dead, Jansen think it’s one I’ve got to save on brubacher got the laws for the Pirates let’s see where else where.  basement remodeling Milwaukee.

If we go to the Dodgers Mookie Betts went 1 for 5 he did strike out though once he got two heads Belanger 1144 East ever since his hot start we first came back he kind of cool down.  see Gavin Lux went 1 for 4 with a run father than that still can’t believe they didn’t count haze’s home run man that’s something that they teach you in Little League the Braves basement remodeling Milwaukee  beat the Phillies and I kind of like the Braves they’re always has that may I am a big Ronald Acuna fan so he did go 3 for 4 with three RBIs so see that guy is just insane he didn’t get caught stealing though Austin Riley went 3 for 5 he’s a very good player Albie’s Freeman 1145 with an RBI so a lot of other big players were the ones I got some heads up.

If you look at Philadelphia I mean Bryce Harper won 4-3 with an RBI did walk twice he did hit a home run so it’s good for him are no luck I struggled at the mound yesterday not another guy was Brogdon not the Malcolm Brogdon for the Atlanta other than all they did give put in a lot of pictures they put in 7 pictures but I don’t know that they get the win their guys look pretty good so there at about 500 on the Astros beat the Red Sox 721. Good game for the Red Sox by Rocky. No that’s not what I wanted to say I wanted to take basement remodeling Milwaukee. Nope again there’s not one out there it is okay cool.