All right we can try to keep looking then we can go to like I said we were just talking about the Red Sox game I believe I see we have yet to Debra’s 1043 is a fun player to watch though because of the stats that he basement remodeling Milwaukee puts up I did or I should vote for the All-Star Game voting undo All Star Bowling Brian move with.  because he because he really if I go here Elsword complete this form line in I don’t see where at I wonder what my password is I bet you it’s okay maybe lowercase that’s what is my password look see what the email is I don’t even that supposedly all I have 4 autofill passwords that see where we’re going to here the point I have no idea what I would put for my password I don’t know why it’s not going to go through I apparently I did get apparently to get one over here but it is what it is I mean if I keep trying to go 2 mi are add daughter forgot password right I don’t want to do all that right now I guess I could it’s just not that serious I mean I have Google up on my phone 4 so either way.

Those those be those beef those beasts those beef sticks what’s going paste can we get the right thing or basement remodeling Milwaukee there it is Google thank you voice thing they’re struggling a little bit with the police woman strawberry columns. I guess we can look in and see where you’re at but I don’t really know what to do oh I thought they had to pop out I don’t know why I keep doing it did that that see that’s what I thought I had to do see it. Erb reaction showed up this morning it worked out good.  did you shut down this computer last night yeah I didn’t know if I just came in today was fully shut down and basement remodeling Milwaukee took a long time to reboot took like 15 minutes there must have been I don’t like I said the power went out yeah that’s probably what it was cuz like the phones were kind of down to read what’s on Facebook should have went to the softball game the pitching duel holy oh my God did you strike basement remodeling Milwaukee out you were passed out.

Hey that means your dude only strike out 3 times for the rest of the year when he struck out to 3 times not a good showing from Petoskey Brothers who won the game they didn’t what nothing they got what two heads 3 hits It’s a pretty brutal game Is there a steak a long time to reboot I have like a bunch of updates and stuff was he like just like straight over here you know apply through a nasty 12 6 not even what will this picture was should probably be getting looked at by somebody through at least a basement remodeling Milwaukee changeup probably had a changeup he was just throwing it over the plate like basically saying can you hit this football pictures 81 in spending that much yeah because up quicker than right she probably just kept throwing fastballs in like just change the speeds on his fastball cut off Yeah but also about average like 85 and he oh yeah oh yeah yes speaking that he did call yeah you’re going to have to pay you if I want to listen to message on message on here with Sarah also put it in your info box we also got one more lead but I created the lead sheet and I’ll call it 9 so why am I not able to get off at 3:30 to get a gold like I sit down then good idea I’m sure you’ll be leave at 3:30 if it was busy so of yesterday Berry how much you pay your trainer.

Basement remodeling Milwaukee the other message was that guy automated whatever is probably you don’t need to worry about that one what I think it’s Iliad that’s the way I would pronounce X I looked on like no last name Iliad what is that it’s like the Odyssey you ever heard of that book The Odyssey but they characters it was a lie ad I think of that book and I was like yeah I saw that high of this can you fill in the blank for me what’s your trainer going to do for you go get some coffee done he’ll be sore as hell if you get cupping done tomorrow right really sore the next day a little bit what hurts that that’s what I okay that’s why I feel you’ve told me that before and I just. I don’t know why  currently was all color code.

If you were manager You mean you get ejected right nobody just cared anyways that’s frustrating to I have to yeah that was the baseball got to be like the two hits that’s horrible due to its top how he walks any okay so you wasn’t just painting stripes on you just throwing the ball cheese.  see I remember when I was at we don’t you know every once in awhile you go up against a picture like that and basement remodeling Milwaukee it just like because they’re so different they’re throwing it so like Ben right here pine tar he probably doesn’t I don’t know I wouldn’t give him the credit that he knows how to use pine tar fax it leave create spin rate I know you were thinking.  is it Rising slowed full diet 81 right.  the trash truck Kyle I wear sunglasses up at the plate yeah that would frustrate me. I can you well thats confusing isnt it yes oh yeah. Call us with any questions regarding your remodel or about pricing, the time frame and other services we can provide for you! We are excited to work with you!