All right so we have this and we’ll just have to keep going on I’m the girl colors is that a new one which would be pretty exciting on that Saunders so I’m pretty excited about that see my pain Basement remodeling Milwaukee actually I do have to know how far Saunders it what the heck is a pretty good 20-minute drive so right now I’m going to eat some beef jerky company hungry and I know it’s pretty good for me but how old am I cell to be in this younger group still just kind of cool.

Of look at I know they play at 1:20 today so I’ll be kind of cool we can get the and be kind of fun to turn the Brewer game on first the Cubs at 1:20 all right here and look at the MLB scores and just kind of grind at this and go through it though I’m kind of talking to myself but that’s okay later tonight here in Ashby is actually starting on which is going to call because must be replacing the bread and.  Basement remodeling Milwaukee you know I don’t know what that’s about sold in the first game Freddy Peralta is going to cut steel on the steel guy Justin Steel in 13 Innings this year 21 strikeouts in a 2-1 2.03 era so they’re not really going to go through that but I’ll let you know that let me deliver made always never actually started these fishing 11 games so this will be his first start he’s never started before in the major leagues don’t know what kind of awards he’s won he was a organization All-Star for the Cubs and they all serve when he was with the Myrtle Beach Pelicans which is I guess it seemed pretty Pearl toe and has 21 starts this year is leaving the league in strikeouts so you looking good text.

Been better in his last 7 that is last you know so what’s a trending upwards but is the food up pretty bad especially last year when he’s been struggling he’s able to get a pretty respectful of era you’re nasty in this morning start he pitched .2 innings so be nice for him to bounce back here to go up four earned runs which is kind of crazy.  there’s really no that’s really not that many basement remodeling Milwaukee innings to go up that many runs hello Feliz Rodriguez guy is Chris Rodriguez put some pretty good for the for the Angels on the wheels have Rush triblio they also have a doubleheader game today so we have to be like it and I just need to get used to it that’s all I got to do is just not used to it and that’s why I and it says my mind creating something is going to bother me because. I can’t do anything about it so.  that’s pretty exciting right there that little daughter there’s that bounced back 1 rows going to watch that one go by not going to interact with it look the Dodgers play the Phillies and they have Max scherzer’s pitching for the Dodgers just kind of cool I’m still weird to see him as the Dodger picture but first start he went seven Innings so I mean sense of see 2012 has been one of the better pitchers in the league are you going 4 that you still pretty good but yes since 2012 has probably been I’m one of the best if not the best pitchers basement remodeling Milwaukee in the league Aaron Nola pitch in the Mets have crash do Hawaii use of web leave used to pitch for the The voice isn’t going to recognize my.  I don’t recognize my lawn voice which is whatever Cresco struggle there but yes since 14 he’s been really good Boreal pictures of is Triston McKenzie who basement remodeling Milwaukee potentially 24 year old a lot of people are think he’s like one of the best pitchers in the league however however he has early pitching like that he can go on runs but is there a race is going up tonight it is Sean manaea he’s pitching tonight I don’t get a phone call.

You 1 2 2 6 see if there’s any whatever Back to Basics Builders this is Ryan yeah I mean Google search have you heard of Back to Basics before okay perfect. This is all we got were going to keep doing this I don’t want. and then we’ll go.  I was just calling cuz I was going to make sure you did you try any this year I don’t have to go anymore the song Watermelon stop the real way. That’s a real blade spy gadgets at school oh I’m coming is there a Back to Basics Builders this is Ryan yeah man sorry song okay I’ll send them over Hey Joe Brittany Swinton is looking to talk to you new transferred over I don’t even know who that is is that the one that.  Basement remodeling Milwaukee she’s been calling like every week and I was calling right nowNo she doesn’t that was her then she has one defense to once again I don’t know what the cat I’m coming I had to answer the phone while I forgot to measurements on it right it will be okay Uncle Kik could you be a ninja probably a tornado kick right that’s what you said it was holy cow supposed to repel waterThey probably get it right.

I’m sure they understand it update I got to go back seats won’t let me stay over here right back told you I’d be back. He started a strategy when it comes to doing math and history is one of my favorites it just depended on what they were talking about. When they talk about geography that is what they are meaning by where things are supposed to be. If you have any questions, please reach out to us today! We’re very excited to work with you, call today!