Testing one two testing one two hope everyone is having a great and Fantastic afternoon on this beautiful Friday you know here at basement remodeling Milwaukee least remotely more QE started off a little rough but you know they got better as the one on we got a lot done I got a lot of proposals done for our clients  do you ever wonder what you say anymore when you’re trying to type with your like the voice and doesn’t register what you’re saying bikes so go back and read those like that really say that  I just keep going but like some of the things that I see is like that’s not what I said list out of my mind that’s not what I said talk about an occupied space Shuffle X about space and that you can do with accelerated many things you can do with open space areas and you know your basement remodeling Milwaukee we do you take a look at a website in ask for a free estimate we can give you an idea what you can do with the open space.

Because you know there’s a lot you can do with open space in unoccupied space you know I was just in a basement tell you where everything was open and there was nothing except for a couple of post the furnace water heater the water softener electrical panel the raid on the water valves shut off in the sub pump that was only thing that you could see each others face. do you like your creatures you as well but you know there’s a lot of things you can do and there’s many things that you always want in your basement and you are visiting your base and looking like and we can help you here at basement remodeling unoccupied space into something that you and your family can do on the weekends or after work have friends on the weekends come over have a party for your family would not let us on occupy that space where it can be something meaningful for you and your family to be nice movie room that you and your family can watch movies on Lake actual movie theater to having an arcade rooms and stuff like that you know there’s a lot of things you can do with an open space as big as that. You do for example  there is a project that we are looking forward to.

This project revolves around a nice beautiful home and a completely unfinished basement and what we were going to do with this what we are going to do with this project it is we’re going to be Craigslist flooring with a nice little office at Spectrum where they eat where they put in an egress in Ellis egress window will be the office room for their wife can work from home cuz she’s working from home. Shakira pastry Milwaukee Bucks County creating a bar for them really.  here at basement remodeling Milwaukee or any credit and borrow it for them as well do you guys not understand what I am saying under this microphone we didn’t even created a bar for them as well when they have family and friends over they can have ice few drinks down there while they’re playing their arcade and shuffleboard and thoughts as well as they weren’t even watching movies.

And what we also going to do is make a little look underneath the stairs for them if they have a little spot for when they’re watching movies one of their little kids can be in there and they wants to cranial bathroom for them here and this bathroom just a normal sized bathroom. And it. The two special but you know this basement remodeling Milwaukee  project had a lot of open space and we did our best to create a beautiful home we’re beautiful basement for them and make sure that everything that was in the basement. Their needs and what they wanted done in the project.

You’re a piece remotely watch we have a lot of projects going on at once and we have out all of our clients whipped cream and beautiful beautiful basement or anything they want done from basements two bathrooms kitchens regardless everything has a little bit of open space and we just try to make the most of the space that we haven’t been the other with a BM I’m good how are you you can just put on top of everything right there yes. two layers cut so we can’t lay it down yet which is what you basement remodeling Milwaukee said and then he said whatever the whatever the doors we were onto neck but when I think I have a good weekend yep give me one second year hey what’s your name meaning last name ch change and how did you hear about us today and what are you looking to get done and did you happen to take a look at our website okay no problem I’m so here goes our focus is not just on the remodeling project but discreetly Unforgettable experiences for our clients are we do this by recreate and recreate and recreate store near embracing the design challenges that our clients bring us as well as working hard for our clients would you set ourselves apart by their attention to detail quality craftsmanship and our communication skills with dark light em now with that said would you ask a few quick questions just to make sure that work at it for you as well as you’re a good fit for us okay where are you located at of okay what’s your address 3256 North 93rd decide and when are you looking to get this project. Basement remodeling Milwaukee we do have a lot of projects going on at once and we make sure all of our clients are taken care of and we also make sure that their space is going to be filled with whatever they want and desire to give us a call back to basic Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee.